• Joshua Devotional

    Joshua 1:1–9

    Many people have suggested that the figure Joshua meets in chapter 5 was a pre-incarnate manifestation of the Son of God. Whether or not that is the case, the important point to note is that we are to be courageous for godliness and that such courage comes as we place ourselves on the Lord’s “side” against evil. We can do that by faith as we study His Word and ask for His help so that we would love what He loves and hate what He hates. View Resource

  • Be Strong and Courageous Devotional

    Joshua 1

    Our feelings are often unreliable and in any case they cannot determine the truthfulness of God’s promised presence. Whether we sense that He is present or not, the Lord is with us to accomplish His will, and we must trust His promises in Scripture even when we do not particularly feel like it. How do your feelings influence your belief in God’s Word? Ask Him to help you be convinced of His presence even if it feels like He is absent. View Resource

  • The Need for a Comforter Devotional

    Joshua 1

    Is there some situation in your life that has you afraid, or has your heart gone out of it all and made you discouraged? Read Joshua 1 and John 14, and ask God to both console and restore you “with strength”—the strength of the Divine Comforter, our gift from Jesus. View Resource

  • Meditating Day and Night Devotional

    Joshua 1:8

    We meditate on Scripture not simply to fill our minds with knowledge, but to prepare ourselves to act rightly even when the text is not before us. A.W. Pink notes in his Gleanings from Joshua: Joshua’s “mind was to be exercised upon God’s Word with a specific purpose and practical end: not simply to rest in contemplation, but in order to be regulated by its precepts, through a serious inculcating of them upon his heart.” This should be our goal. View Resource

  • Rahab’s Adoption Devotional

    Joshua 2

    First John 3:16–18 makes it very clear that we acquire many brothers and sisters when we become children of God, many of whom will count on us to help take care of them when they are in need. It is imperative, then, that we support the mercy ministries of the local church, contributing time, money, and goods as we are able. In doing this, we show tangible love for the new family we have in Christ. View Resource

  • Eternal Security Devotional

    Joshua 4:1-9

    In times of plenty it can be easy to forget all of the blessings the Lord has showered upon us. Take a moment today to consider the ways in which God has shown Himself faithful to you in the past and look upon them as signs that He will keep His Word to you in the future. Make sure to study His Word so that you will come to know what He has pledged and not expect things He has not promised. View Resource

  • Eternal Security Devotional

    Joshua 4:1–9

    God promises that those whom He foreknew and predestined He has also glorified (Rom. 8:30). God’s mighty acts of redemption show us that when God promises something, He always fulfills that promise. Remember the ways in which God has been faithful in your life, and thank Him for giving signs that He will be faithful in the future. View Resource

  • Commander of the Lord’s Army Devotional

    Joshua 5:13-15

    Even believers can presume that God is on their side on a particular issue without due consideration. Though he was not an evangelical, Abraham Lincoln’s famous words can serve us well here: “My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.” Unless our goals and positions are grounded in Scripture, we cannot reasonably expect the Lord to fight for us. View Resource

  • Joshua Devotional

    Joshua 5:13–15

    Joshua, who bears the same name in Hebrew as our Lord does, met Jesus as the commander of God’s army, but is also himself a type of savior. As leader of the Israelites in victory over Canaan, Joshua typifies the one who defeated sin and death on the cross. Are you confident in the victory of Christ? Do you rejoice knowing that He has conquered and has seen fit to use you in the battle? Look to Jesus to give you courage and follow Him wherever He leads. View Resource

  • Our Commander Devotional

    Joshua 5:13-15

    It is vital for us to realize that Christ is our captain, and to “accept Him” is to make His purposes our own. He is not just the great facilitator to help us achieve our ends. Above all, we should do as Joshua did—fall before Him in worship. Begin now to prepare for the next Lord’s Day and consider ways you can worship Him more properly. View Resource

  • The Fall of Jericho Devotional

    Joshua 6

    Joshua and the Israelites were commanded to destroy the inhabitants of Canaan because of the spiritual threat they presented to God’s people (Ex. 34:11–16). Since this holy war was limited in scope and duration, the church is not allowed to take up the sword against unbelievers. Still, the spiritual threat of foreign gods remains, and thus we should be vigilant to pray for our neighbors and avoid adopting the worship of their deities. View Resource

  • The Seriousness of Sin Devotional

    Joshua 7

    By our obedience to God’s commands we can by no means earn our place in His kingdom. Nevertheless, that does not mean that our faithfulness to His law is unimportant. As those converted by His Spirit through the preaching of His Word, we have been given a love for His stipulations, which are a guide for pleasing Him and finding success in His eyes. Do you know the commands of God well enough to be able to follow them? View Resource

  • The Language of Scripture Devotional

    Joshua 10:1–15

    The Bible is not silent on topics related to science; however, it is not a science textbook. Understanding literary forms such as phenomenological language will assist us in not treating the Bible as something that it is not, thereby improving our interpretation of the text. Reading the Word of God carefully according to these forms will help keep us from asserting error and confusing people about the meaning of God’s revelation. View Resource

  • Facing the Alliance Devotional

    Joshua 10

    When we call people to faith in Christ we are not offering them a choice that can be made with impunity. God commands all people everywhere to bow to His Son, and those who will not bow today will most certainly bow in the age to come. Let us strive to remind people of the dreadful consequences that await all those who will not submit to Jesus and let us endeavor each day to “kiss the Son, lest He become angry” (Ps. 2:12). View Resource

  • Basic Literary Forms I Devotional

    Joshua 10:13a

    Modern science and mathematics enable us to speak with great precision at times. Truth, however, does not always demand the kind of precision that we find in modern science. Remember that the approximations, estimates, and other uses of language we find in the Bible also give us an accurate picture of the universe. View Resource