• Purpose in Suffering Media Resource by

    John 9:1-3

    Years after the events of 9/11, you can still see bumper stickers that read “Never Forget.” As we reflect on those seemingly senseless events, can we confidently conclude that they were acts of divine judgment? Can we confidently conclude that they were not? Is it possible that God was involved at all? In this message entitled “Purpose in Suffering,” Dr. Sproul explains how no event is without purpose, no matter how tragic. View Resource

  • Suffering and Sin Media Resource by

    John 9:1-7

    As we seek to understand God’s providence, we are forced to deal with questions of human suffering. Where does suffering fit in God’s divine plan? How much of our suffering is directly related to our personal sin? How much is a result of other people’s sin? These questions are not new. Jesus faced them during His earthly ministry when he encountered a man born blind. Now, as well as then, Jesus’ answer is not without controversy. Here, Dr. Sproul explains how God’s uses sin and siffering in His enternal plan. View Resource

  • The Man Born Blind Media Resource by

    John 9:1-25

    The Bible gives numerous examples of people receiving affliction sent by God for their sins. But what about the man born blind? Was it for his sin or his parent’s that he was born that way? In this message, Dr. Sproul helps us understand what Scripture teaches about sin and suffering and how to avoid making the same mistake the disciples made in their assumptions about the man born blind. View Resource