• The Adulterous Woman Devotional

    John 7:53–8:11

    Jesus has chosen to love His people when they were yet sinners. In thankfulness to Him, we must likewise imitate this compassion and show grace and mercy to all who express a desire to leave sin behind and follow Christ. There is no sinner whom He cannot save, and thus there is no one too evil to whom we cannot show compassion. If you have been struggling to show love to a heinous sinner, ask Jesus to help you do so today. View Resource

  • Sins Uncovered Devotional

    John 8:1-11

    Did Jesus see repentance in the woman’s heart? Like the woman, our sins are known by Christ and will not be hidden when we stand before Him. But He is compassionate toward those who trust in Him. If you have not sought His forgiveness, go to Him now and beg for mercy. He will not cast out anyone who comes to Him. View Resource

  • The Authority of Jesus Devotional

    John 8:12-30

    Today’s lesson is one sustained argument for the inerrancy of the Bible. Reread the lesson carefully and then close the book and see if you can rehearse the argument to an imaginary friend. Master this argument today, both for your own confidence and so that you can tell others. View Resource

  • The Light of the World Devotional

    John 8:12-30

    Many people in our relativistic age claim that there are many lights that can illumine the path out of spiritual darkness. Eastern religions, in fact, often speak of people as receiving illumination from Buddha or another respected figure. But Jesus is the only light who can show us the way back to our Creator. We dare not trust any other light than the Light of the World. If we trust only in Him, we will have all of the light we will ever need for salvation. View Resource

  • The Light of the World Devotional

    John 8:12-30

    Blindness to Jesus’ identity is not an intellectual problem but a moral one: “Light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil” (John 3:19). We can show that Jesus is the Messiah and Son of God, but it takes a change in heart in the unbeliever to acquiesce to these truths. That is why we must pray for the Spirit to convert even as we are diligent to present and defend the gospel. View Resource

  • The Light of the World Devotional

    John 8:12–30

    When we read the Scriptures, it can be easy to become so consumed with the details and intricacies of its requirements that we forget that the whole Bible points to Christ. As you read and study the Bible, ask the Holy Spirit to help you see how all of the details point us to Jesus. View Resource

  • The Truth Shall Make You Free Devotional

    John 8:31-38

    Sin is a harsh master, leading its slaves finally to death. Christ, however, is a kind master who gives us an easy yoke. His servants will not experience eternal death but eternal life. If we think that we can find freedom and life outside of Christ, we are fooling ourselves, so let us cast aside our sin and look for life only in Jesus. He alone can satisfy us this day and every day. View Resource

  • The Person of Christ Devotional

    John 8:31–59

    The gentle and compassionate nature of Christ that shines through in the Gospels leads many non-Christians to admire Jesus as a teacher. Of course, they will not want to confess Jesus’ deity, because to do so would mean that His authority cannot be ignored; as the Son of God, He must be revered as Lord and King. As you hear others express appreciation for Jesus as a teacher, remind them that His own teachings demand submission to Him as the Lord of all creation. View Resource

  • A Murderer from the Start Devotional

    John 8:44

    Scripture’s emphasis on both the inward attitudes of evil and the outward deeds of wickedness results in a doctrine of sin that is both robust and realistic. The problem of sin is rooted within, and it takes an inward cleansing by the Holy Spirit to release us from the predicament of being in Adam. Let us rejoice that we have “become partakers of the divine nature” by faith and are therefore able to please God in what we do and think. View Resource

  • Justification by Faith Devotional

    John 8:46a

    When the Father imputes the righteousness of Christ to us, He knows we still struggle with sin. And though we are disciplined for these transgressions (Heb. 12:3–17), He nevertheless sees Jesus’ faithfulness when He looks on those who trust in Christ, and on that account He grants them eternal life. Consider the faithfulness of Jesus who did all that the Father commanded. If by faith you attempt to imitate this holiness, you are truly in Him and have eternal life. View Resource

  • Justification by Faith Alone Devotional

    John 8:46

    Because we are sinners, we can do nothing in and of ourselves to merit eternal life. Even after we are saved, our best works remain tainted by sin and cannot produce the perfection we need for a righteous standing before God. Jesus’ active obedience to the Father, however, is put on our account when we trust in Christ, giving us confidence before Him. As Dr. R.C. Sproul has said: “No work of ours is good enough for evil to atone. Your merit, Lord, is all we have; it saves and it alone.” View Resource

  • Before Abraham Was Devotional

    John 8:48-59

    Many people think that they are truly free when they can do whatever they want to do—even sin. Yet Scripture repeatedly tells us that true freedom is found in desiring and being able to do what is pleasing to God. Only those who abide in the teaching of Jesus—who rest on Him by faith alone and follow Him—have the freedom needed to love and do what the Lord commands. Let us pray for our friends and family who are slaves to sin that God would grant them true freedom in Christ. View Resource

  • The Great “I AM Devotional

    John 8:48–59

    Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, liberals, agnostics, secular historians and many others are perfectly happy to have a Jesus who is merely a wise teacher. However, as we have seen in this final “I AM” statement, Jesus is much more. He is God Himself. Spend some time today worshiping Jesus Christ who is the great I AM. View Resource