• At the Feast of Booths Devotional

    John 7:1–13

    The hatred of Jesus, John Calvin writes, shows that “the Gospel cannot be faithfully preached without summoning the whole world, as guilty, to the judgment-seat of God, that flesh and blood may thus be crushed and reduced to nothing.” People hated Jesus because His words exposed their evil hearts. When we preach the gospel, people may hate us as well. Let us make sure that they hate us because of the gospel message, not because of our offensive personalities. View Resource

  • Warring Against the World Devotional

    John 7:7

    First Peter 3:15 gives us the prescription for dealing with the world. We are not to be recluses but are to be ready to give an answer for the hope that is within us. That presupposes that we are in the world and that the world has reason to ask us about our hope because our manner of life is attractive. We should be ready to confront the world with God’s truth, but we should not do so in a cantankerous or caustically confrontational manner. View Resource

  • Judging with Right Judgment Devotional

    John 7:14–24

    Matthew 7:24 tells us that Jesus’ words, “Judge not, that you be not judged,” cannot mean that all of our judgments are wrong. Instead, Jesus wants us not to make wrong judgments. Let us not apply standards to others that we do not apply to ourselves. The religious authorities were guilty of using such inconsistent standards. By seeking to apply God’s law justly and holding others to the same standard to which we hold ourselves, we can judge with right judgment. View Resource

  • Speculating about the Christ Devotional

    John 7:25–31

    God made the Sabbath for our sake (Mark 2:27), which means we should not hesitate to do what is good and what produces health on the Lord’s Day. Although the Lord’s Day is a day of rest and worship, it is also a day for doing good to others and showing mercy. View Resource

  • A Perplexed Opposition Devotional

    John 7:32–36

    It is important for us to be concerned with making good arguments and sound defenses of the Christian faith. But if we do this thinking that our work is sufficient to convince people, we are fooling ourselves. The Spirit must convince people if they are to believe. Thus, we must pray for those with whom we speak, asking God to open their hearts and minds to His truth. View Resource

  • The Well that Never Runs Dry Devotional

    John 7:37–39

    There are no second-class citizens in the kingdom of God, so everyone who trusts in the name of Christ has also received the gift of His Holy Spirit. By this Spirit, we are being transformed from glory to glory, and He is leading us into righteousness. Are we following His lead? Are we doing what is right even when it is difficult? Are we confident that He can empower us to do God’s will, to mortify sin, and to love other people? View Resource

  • The Adulterous Woman Devotional

    John 7:53–8:11

    Jesus has chosen to love His people when they were yet sinners. In thankfulness to Him, we must likewise imitate this compassion and show grace and mercy to all who express a desire to leave sin behind and follow Christ. There is no sinner whom He cannot save, and thus there is no one too evil to whom we cannot show compassion. If you have been struggling to show love to a heinous sinner, ask Jesus to help you do so today. View Resource