• Jesus Meets a Woman in Samaria Devotional

    John 4:1–9

    Sometimes we are tempted to believe that certain people do not need Jesus as much as others do. For example, it can be easy for us to think that people who make lots of money do not really need Jesus even when there is no sign that they are Christians. Yet Jesus is the only way of salvation, so all people need Him (John 14:6). Let us be fervently committed to Christ, and let us proclaim Him to all people, for all people need Him. View Resource

  • Abiding Pleasure Devotional

    John 4:1-26

    We spend much of our physical and mental energy in the pursuit of happiness. But it is impossible to find satisfaction outside of a relationship with God, and seeking pleasure in sinful practices only alienates Him from us. Evaluate your activities and pursuits: are they under Christ’s Lordship or are they separating you from God? View Resource

  • How to Worship Devotional

    John 4:1–45

    The best way to ensure that we are worshiping God in spirit and truth is to make sure that we are consciously working to have the right attitude toward worship. We must always think carefully about what goes into a worship service, asking whether a practice is both sanctioned by God and wise. Moreover, to worship God rightly, we must be in a sound church and pray regularly for Him to enflame our hearts with a longing to meet Him in His heavenly temple. View Resource

  • How to Worship Devotional

    John 4:1–45

    Do you find Sunday morning worship to be a delight or dull and dreary? Do you spend the service thinking about all the things you could be doing if you were not at church? Take time today to repent for those times you have not devoted proper attention to the Lord in worship. Remember that He is truly present among us when we gather together (Matt. 18:20) and let that be a compelling motivation to delight in Him in the presence of His people. View Resource

  • Jesus Meets A Samaritan Woman Devotional

    John 4:1-45

    When we fall in love, we can hardly keep ourselves from talking about the object of our affections. Jesus is far greater than anything else, so we should have the same zeal to tell others about Him as we are able. If we find ourselves not speaking much of Jesus, it may be that we do not grasp His glory. Reading through the Gospels on a regular basis can help us recapture our knowledge of and affection for our Lord and Savior. View Resource

  • The Woman at the Well Devotional

    John 4:1–45

    Before finding forgiveness and witnessing to it, the woman at the well surrendered to immorality and worshiped pleasure as an idol in place of God. In our hedonistic society, we too may find it easy to believe the lie that we can embrace all the mores of our culture and yet worship the Lord in truth. If you have been standing against the tide of hedonism, stand strong and continue to drink of the water Christ gives, the only substance that can satisfy our souls. View Resource

  • Eternally Satisfying Water Devotional

    John 4:10–15

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John that the water of life Jesus provides meets “not just a need of the moment but a need for all eternity.” If we trust anyone else for spiritual life, we will continue to thirst. But if we come to Him alone for salvation, we will be satisfied now and forever. Let us seek the only living water and its only Provider—Jesus Christ our Lord. View Resource

  • Debating Theology with Jesus Devotional

    John 4:16–22

    Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman is instructive for our own evangelistic encounters. People will not see their need for the Savior if we do not talk about sin. When we preach the gospel, we must set forth Christ as the answer to our estrangement from God, not as an add-on whose only purpose is to make our life better in the here and now. View Resource

  • Christ Our Prophet Devotional

    John 4:19

    History is filled with false prophets who deceived many people but were ultimately proven not to have a word from God. Christ, however, is the true Prophet whose Word is absolutely trustworthy and whose Word never fails to accomplish His purposes for it. He executes His prophetic ministry today through His inscripturated Word, and if we want to know God’s will for us, we must be committed to studying the Scriptures. View Resource

  • The Place of Worship Devotional

    John 4:20–23

    Some Christians frown on the practice of building sanctuaries for worship. Yet while church buildings are not required, worship is, and a designated place for worship enables people to be more conscious of God’s presence and their need to revere Him. Because worship is so important, we should support our churches as they endeavor to create spaces where we can worship God in spirit, truth, and beauty. View Resource

  • How God Must Be Worshiped Devotional

    John 4:23–24

    In his commentary John, Dr. R.C. Sproul writes that to worship God in spirit is “to come to Him with hearts filled with a sense of awe, reverence, and adoration.” True worship does not consist in merely going through the motions but in setting our hearts to love, thank, and praise our Maker while we come before Him privately and publicly. View Resource

  • God Is Spirit Devotional

    John 4:24

    Wherever our bodies are, there our spirits are as well. However, God does not have this limitation. He is as present in Moscow as He is in Washington and as is as present there as He is in the jungles of the Amazon. Think of how amazing that is — no matter where we find ourselves, the Lord is always at hand! Do you feel as if He is far from you today? Pray that He would make His presence felt and encourage another who feels like God is far away from him. View Resource

  • Worshiping in Spirit and Truth Devotional

    John 4:24

    Dr. Sproul also comments on today’s passage that Jesus exhorts us “to see that the worship we offer comes from the depths of our souls, from our inner spirits, from the very cores of our being.” There will be an outward form to our worship, but it must not be dead formalism. In worship, we must give to God all that we are, loving and glorifying Him with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. View Resource

  • Meeting the Messiah Devotional

    John 4:25–26

    We are called to present the gospel accurately and to be able to answer any questions from critics of Christianity. However, our best arguments will convince no one that Jesus is the Messiah and move them to trust in Him. Only the Holy Spirit can do such convincing. We must pray that the Spirit would bless our efforts, for if He does not, no one will be converted as the result of our outreach. View Resource

  • The Samaritan Woman Bears Witness to Jesus Devotional

    John 4:27–30

    The gospel is not only for the respectable and those who have their lives together. The gospel is also for the outcast, the dysfunctional, and those who have made shambles of their lives. We must welcome all kinds of people to our churches so that they can hear the gospel and experience the Holy Spirit’s power in their lives. View Resource