• The Wedding at Cana Devotional

    John 2:1–5

    Jesus is our Lord and Teacher, and His willingness to celebrate at a wedding and even to receive extravagant gifts (John 12:1–8) shows us that Christian discipleship is not incompatible with enjoying nice things in life. We are called to be generous and to be willing to give our all for Jesus, but we may also enjoy all of the good gifts He has made. View Resource

  • The First of Jesus’ Signs Devotional

    John 2:6–12

    Jesus fulfills the old covenant revelation, bringing something new. The moral law continues, but the outward administration of the covenant has changed. Baptism and the Lord’s Supper have replaced the old covenant rituals. God’s covenant people are no longer drawn primarily from one ethnic group. The Holy Spirit has been poured out upon us. We are new creatures in Christ, so let us be grateful that He is renewing us after His image. View Resource

  • Jesus Cleanses the Temple Devotional

    John 2:13–17

    Matthew Henry comments, “If God be our Father in heaven, and it be therefore our desire that his name may be sanctified, it cannot but be our grief to see it polluted.” We should be grieved to see the church polluted by false worship and bad theology. And when we see such things, let us work to improve them, insofar as we are able. View Resource

  • The Wrath of God’s Son Devotional

    John 2:13–17

    Getting angry without sinning is hard for us to do as fallen creatures, but Jesus’ example shows us that it is possible. We should feel a righteous anger when we see the worship of God defiled, and it should motivate us to righteous action and to pray for the souls of those who do not treat the Lord with reverence. If we feel no anger at all when we witness false worship of our Creator, then we must ask Him to create in us a zeal for His praise on the earth. View Resource

  • The Wrath of God’s Son Devotional

    John 2:13-17

    Today’s study helps us understand there are two things that make God especially angry. First, the merchants blocked the Gentiles from learning about and worshiping the Lord, and today we can legalistically impose regulations not found in Scripture that can inhibit the spread of the Gospel. Second, God will not countenance any who exploit or overlook the needs of the poor. May we enjoy freedom in Christ, help the poor, and thereby please our Father. View Resource

  • The Temple of Jesus’ Body Devotional

    John 2:18–22

    Many Christians are eagerly expecting the day in which the physical temple in Jerusalem will be rebuilt. Today’s passage, however, tells us that the only temple we should be looking forward to is the temple that is Christ’s body, which we will see in the new heaven and earth. The temple pointed to Christ and it is fulfilled in Christ and His church, so let us love Christ and His people. View Resource

  • Jesus and the Hearts of Men Devotional

    John 2:23–25

    We can hide our motivations and thoughts from other people, but we can never hide them from Jesus. We should be honest with Him about our sin, because He knows it anyway, and the way to find forgiveness is to confess our sins readily to God through the mediation of Christ Jesus (1 John 1:8–9). What sins do you need to confess this day? View Resource