• Blind to the Truth Devotional

    John 18:28-19:5

    What acute spiritual blindness afflicted Pilate! He spoke with Jesus face to face and never grasped the truth about Him. Scripture affirms that all people are naturally blind to the truth. Our most reasoned arguments will not avail to convert anyone. Our only option is to plead with God to open the eyes of those we would see saved. View Resource

  • Jesus Stands Before Pontius Pilate Devotional

    John 18:28-19:16a

    Pilate’s question “What is truth?” also betrays his lack of concern for the facts (John 18:38). Fallen people are willing to bend the truth in order to advance or protect themselves. Christians, however, must not imitate their example. Let us always love the truth and proclaim it even when it is not convenient for us. View Resource

  • Pontius Pilate Devotional

    John 18:28–19:16a

    In our day, many are hesitant to confront error, especially in matters of religion. Speaking on matters like sin, God’s wrath, and hell is ignored because we are afraid of offending the sophisticated. However, like Jesus, we must be so concerned with the essential truths of God’s salvation that we are willing to die for Him. Pray for courage and then speak the truths of Scripture to others. View Resource

  • Degrees of Sin Devotional

    John 19:1-16

    That there are degrees of punishment in hell according to the extent of one’s sin means that there are also degrees of reward in heaven according to how we obey. Our obedience, to be sure, cannot earn eternal life, but once we are admitted into the kingdom by grace alone through faith alone, what we do in service to Christ earns for us, by His grace, rewards in heaven. Let us serve Him that our rewards might be even greater (1 Cor. 3:1–15). View Resource

  • God and Human Freedom Devotional

    John 19

    Read Acts 27. How is God’s sovereign providence revealed in this incident? Paul assures the men that they would be saved, but he also stresses their responsibility in verse 31. What does this teach you about your own freedom, responsibility, and God’s ruling providence? View Resource

  • Christian Men in the Church Devotional

    John 19:5

    As the only man who never sinned (1 Peter 2:22), Jesus is the supreme example of what it means to be a man, and all men would do well to live after the pattern of His life, relying upon the power of the Holy Spirit to have Scripture define godly masculinity. Men are well-served by developing close relationships with other men in their congregations, and wives should be doing all they can to support this so that their husbands might learn from other godly men. View Resource

  • The Burial of Christ Devotional

    John 19:38–42

    Because the Bible is the Word of God, nothing in it was included by accident. We may not always know why certain facts are recorded and not others, but we do know there is a reason for every word in Scripture. Understanding the meaning and significance of all the Bible’s words takes some work, but it is well worth the effort. Thus, we should be diligent students of Scripture and meditate on its contents. View Resource