• The Arrest of Jesus Devotional

    John 18:1–9

    Since God’s control of the universe extends to the tiniest detail (Prov. 16:33), it is no surprise that Jesus was in full control of the events of His crucifixion. After all, He is God incarnate (John 1:1–18). Because of this sovereignty, we can be confident that He will not allow His people to fall away. We are secure in the hands of the One who was sovereign even over His own death. View Resource

  • Peter’s Misguided Zeal Devotional

    John 18:10–11

    As we grow in the Lord, we should learn how prone we are to going astray, and we should ask Him to guard our steps. Only as we follow His guidance will we find the wisdom to serve Him in every situation. Let us be humble, remembering that we are likewise capable of rash actions that do not serve the gospel. View Resource

  • Taken to the High Priest Devotional

    John 18:12–18

    What is happening in our lives may be surprising to us, but it is not surprising to God. Just as Jesus knew what was coming to Him, so God has known from eternity what is coming to us and what we will need to endure it. Let us trust in Him this day to strengthen us and to equip us for all that is ahead of us. View Resource

  • Before a Kangaroo Court Devotional

    John 18:19–24

    When brought before an unjust tribunal, Christ remained concerned only for justice. That is instructive for us. In all of our dealings, we should be concerned to see justice done, and we should not form our opinions of others based on insufficient evidence. View Resource

  • Simon Peter Denies Jesus Devotional

    John 18:25–27

    Even some professing Christians act as if they must prove themselves worthy before Christ will receive them into His kingdom. Yet, the whole point of the gospel is that Jesus died for the unworthy, for sinners of all kinds. We need not make ourselves worthy before Christ will save us, for indeed we could not make ourselves worthy even if we tried. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. That is the good news of the gospel. View Resource

  • Defiled in Heart Devotional

    John 18:28–32

    John Calvin notes that during Jesus’ trial, the religious authorities carried ”to excess their care about smaller matters, and [neglected] what is of the highest importance.” Sinners are perpetually tempted to be concerned only with external righteousness, but we must seek purity of the heart. Let us ask the Lord to help us rely on Him so that we will be concerned with inner purity. View Resource

  • Pontius Pilate Devotional

    John 18:28–19:16a

    In our day, many are hesitant to confront error, especially in matters of religion. Speaking on matters like sin, God’s wrath, and hell is ignored because we are afraid of offending the sophisticated. However, like Jesus, we must be so concerned with the essential truths of God’s salvation that we are willing to die for Him. Pray for courage and then speak the truths of Scripture to others. View Resource

  • Blind to the Truth Devotional

    John 18:28-19:5

    What acute spiritual blindness afflicted Pilate! He spoke with Jesus face to face and never grasped the truth about Him. Scripture affirms that all people are naturally blind to the truth. Our most reasoned arguments will not avail to convert anyone. Our only option is to plead with God to open the eyes of those we would see saved. View Resource

  • Jesus Stands Before Pontius Pilate Devotional

    John 18:28-19:16a

    Pilate’s question “What is truth?” also betrays his lack of concern for the facts (John 18:38). Fallen people are willing to bend the truth in order to advance or protect themselves. Christians, however, must not imitate their example. Let us always love the truth and proclaim it even when it is not convenient for us. View Resource

  • Christ’s Otherworldly Kingdom Devotional

    John 18:33–36

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John that Jesus “did not say that His dominion and authority did not include this world or that His realm was a transcendent spiritual Neverland.” The kingdom of Jesus does not advance by worldly means, but Jesus still reigns over the kingdoms of this world. Our duty is to preach the gospel and to call all people to acknowledge and worship their true king—Christ Jesus. View Resource

  • Pilate’s Cynicism Devotional

    John 18:37–38a

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John that “the issue in our day in regard to truth is whether there is an objective reality that is true for everyone, no matter who we are, where we live, or what we do. The same issue was on the front burner in Jesus’ day.” As servants of Christ, who is the Truth (John 14:6), we cannot afford to be indifferent to the truth or to believe that truth is relative. Our calling is to stand for the truth in matters great and small. View Resource

  • Exchanging Jesus for Barabbas Devotional

    John 18:38b–40

    It is easy for us to think that we would not have called for Barabbas instead of Jesus. However, by nature we are hostile to God unless He changes our hearts, and left to ourselves, we would show the same hostility to Jesus that the Jewish authorities did. Let us be grateful to the Lord for changing our hearts, and let us ask Him to increase our love for Him every day. View Resource

  • Moral Relativism Devotional

    John 18:38a

    Being Christians in the world, we face the challenge of having our ethics shaped by the culture around us. That is why we must be careful to discern the messages we are being sent and evaluate them by the standards of God’s Word. Our media-driven age makes this even more difficult. May we strive not to embrace what the voices around us are telling us is good but call good only that which our Lord approves. View Resource

  • Moral Relativism Devotional

    John 18:38a

    The government legally permits us many things that the Bible disallows (for example, abortion). What determines how you live your life? Take some time today to make a list of the things your rulers may allow but which Scripture forbids — explicitly or implicitly. Then, look at how your life conforms to the list. If you are doing things condemned by God’s Word, turn from them today and ask the Lord to help you live properly. View Resource