• Father, Glorify Your Son Media Resource by

    John 17:1-5

    In churches, we often hold social gatherings in order to grow in our knowledge of one another. There is perhaps no other gathering where we get to know people better than the prayer meeting. There, we have the privilege, as we listen to others pray out loud, of having them reveal some of the deepest desires of their hearts. If we share such a privilege within the context of the church, then there could be no greater privilege for the disciples of Jesus than to listen to Him pray. In this lesson, as we come to the end of the … View Resource

  • Out of the Ivory Palaces Media Resource by

    John 17:1-12

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  • Irresistible Call (Part 1) Media Resource by

    John 17:2

    The image of conception and birth does not need much explanation. On the contrary, as human beings we understand vividly and fully the passive activity of the infant in birth. At no time does the baby possess any decision or authority in its conception or growth, but it comes into the world helpless and in total dependence on external forces. Jesus knew the power and clarity surrounding this process, and He used it metaphorically to describe the work of the Holy Spirit in regeneration. As Dr. Lawson demonstrates in this lesson, Jesus, and John through Him, leaves no ambiguity to … View Resource

  • Revelation Media Resource by

    John 17:3

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  • Gaining True Assurance Media Resource by

    John 17:6-12

    How do know that the assurance you have is not false assurance? How can a Christian have genuine assurance of his or her salvation? Reflecting on these questions in this message, Dr. Sproul teaches us that assurance is not only possible, but also how we can gain it. View Resource

  • For Those Whom the Father Has Given Media Resource by

    John 17:6-17

    If God’s purpose of the cross was to save the whole world, then why isn’t the whole world saved? Dr. Sproul answers this question as he looks at the High Priestly Prayer of Jesus as He prayed “For Those Whom the Father Has Given.” View Resource

  • His Deepest Desires Revealed Media Resource by

    John 17:6-26

    The room was silent as Jesus continued praying—probably as His disciples had never heard Him pray before. Judas had departed, and Peter likely sat disturbed about the denial Jesus had predicted. We saw in the last lesson that Jesus’ prayer in John 17 corresponds to the high priest’s ritual prayer on the Day of Atonement for himself, his family, and finally, his community. We see Jesus moving on from His petition for the Father to glorify His Son. In this lesson, we will consider Christ’s ongoing prayer as He intercedes for the inner circle of disciples (verses 6 through 19) … View Resource

  • The Battle with the World Media Resource by

    John 17:11-17

    If you are a Christian then you are in a war, but not alone. Even better, you have Jesus Himself praying for you. But He is not praying for you to leave the battle. In fact, He calls you to it. One particular battle you must fight is against the world, and the weapons of the enemy are not conventional. Dr. Sproul explains to us what those weapons are as he prepares us for “The Battle with the World.” View Resource

  • Jesus & the Word of God Media Resource by

    John 17:17

    We’ve heard what the critics, scholars, and councils have said about the Bible, but what does Jesus have to say about the matter? Who better to ask but Jesus Himself? Dr. Sproul looks to the One whose endorsement of Scripture is the most important, in “Jesus & the Word of God.” View Resource