• Loved to the End Devotional

    John 13:1

    Should we ever doubt the love of Jesus for us, all we need to do is look to the cross. Jesus loved us enough to submit Himself to the worst death possible—death under the wrath and curse of God. He did this because it was the only way to reconcile us to God. If we trust in Christ for salvation, let us look to His cross this day for renewed assurance of His love for us. View Resource

  • The Cleansing We Need Devotional

    John 13:2–11

    Postconversion sins do not affect our legal relationship to God. By faith in Christ alone, we are justified and declared righteous permanently before the bar of God’s justice. But postconversion sins can interrupt our fellowship with God and with other people. We must confess such sins to restore fellowship and to enjoy a fresh assurance of the gospel’s promises. View Resource

  • The Example of Jesus Devotional

    John 13:12–17

    Jesus, as God incarnate, is the Lord and Master of creation. But He is also the Suffering Servant who pays the price for sin. We cannot atone for the sins of others, but we can imitate Jesus in being willing to go to great lengths to meet the needs of others. We should begin our service at home, putting the needs of our spouses and children ahead of our own. But we should also put others ahead of us wherever else we may go. View Resource

  • Receiving the One Whom Jesus Sends Devotional

    John 13:18–20

    Jesus’ words in today’s passage apply not only to non-Christians but also to us who have trusted Him as Savior and Lord. When we do not receive honest words of rebuke or commendation that are based on Scripture and spoken by a brother or sister in Christ, then we have really rejected the Lord. Let us endeavor to receive everyone whom Christ sends to exhort us. View Resource

  • The Betrayal of Christ Devotional

    John 13:21–30

    Jesus was troubled at the trial that lay ahead of Him, but He was able to persevere in obedience because of His unwavering trust in His Father. Though we will never have to endure what Jesus did, we may find ourselves troubled at the trials that lie ahead of us. Only if we trust in God and His goodness will we be able to remain faithful in such circumstances. View Resource

  • The Glorification of the Son of Man Devotional

    John 13:31–33

    Without the cross, there is no Christianity. In the atoning death of Jesus is revealed the glory of our triune God, and if we do not preach the cross, then we are failing to glorify our Creator. When we share the gospel with others, we must emphasize the atonement, for in the atonement we see the character of God in His mercy and justice fully revealed. View Resource

  • Loving One Another Devotional

    John 13:31–35

    True Christian love will unify believers, but this unity will not be a unity that denies the truth. Christian love and truth are inseparable; thus, we do need to separate from those who have abandoned the fundamental tenets of the Gospel. Unfortunately, we all too often seek any excuse beyond this to break away from other believers. All of us ought to befriend fellow believers who affirm the fundamentals of the faith even if they are not from our denomination or tradition. View Resource

  • A New Commandment from Christ Devotional

    John 13:34–35

    Love for those who wrong us does not mean enduring significant abuse. The way we love someone who has wronged us is not identical to the way we love someone who has done nothing but good to us. Nevertheless, in both cases we are called not to stop loving other believers. Let us ask God to give us the strength to love our fellow believers truly so that we might be a witness to Him in the world. View Resource

  • Peter’s Overconfidence Devotional

    John 13:36–38

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John: “The failures of Judas, of Peter, and of their fellow disciples should cause us to fall to our knees in surrender, asking Christ to cause us to stand. Only by His power will we remain loyal to Him.” We dare not trust in ourselves but only in the power of Christ to keep us faithful to Him. Let us ask Him this day to make us persevere. View Resource