• The Anointing of Jesus Devotional

    John 12:1–8

    Scripture repeatedly calls us to help the impoverished. However, this is not all that we are called to do with our resources. It is appropriate to use our resources in other ways that honor Christ and His church, and it is a matter of wisdom for each of us to steward our financial means effectively. Let us ask God to grant us the wisdom to allocate what He has given us in the proper way. View Resource

  • Plotting against Lazarus Devotional

    John 12:9–11

    As fallen human beings, we must be careful lest jealousy consume our hearts. It is easy for us to be jealous of the position and accomplishments of others, and if we are not careful, such jealousy can lead to disaster. When we feel the pangs of jealousy, let us be quick to repent, and let us seek the help of the Lord to rejoice with others so that we will not be jealous when they succeed. View Resource

  • Greeting the King Devotional

    John 12:12–15

    The crowd on the first Palm Sunday sought a Jesus who would conquer Rome. Today, we may not be looking for such a Jesus, but we are all tempted to follow the Jesus of our own imaginings and not the Jesus revealed in Scripture. Let us seek to follow Jesus as He reveals Himself in the Bible. We can do that through prayer, through studying the Scriptures diligently, and by attending to the preaching of God’s Word in a sound local church. View Resource

  • Misunderstanding Jesus Devotional

    John 12:16–19

    It is possible for us to misunderstand Jesus as the disciples did. This is not due to any fault of Jesus but is a problem created by our own sin, ignorance, or lack of faith. By God’s grace, we can overcome these hurdles by diligently studying the Word of God and by being quick to repent of our unbelief and other sins. View Resource

  • Death and Glory Devotional

    John 12:20–26

    The hatred of the world that Jesus commends is not utter disdain for this present life but rather seeing this world in proper relation to the world to come. John Calvin comments, “To love this life is not in itself wrong, provided that we only pass through it as pilgrims, keeping our eyes always fixed on our object.” We live in the world but are not of the world, and we can enjoy what God gives us in this world provided we treasure Christ above all else. View Resource

  • Hearing a Voice from Heaven Devotional

    John 12:27–30

    Although God had made it clear through the ministry of Jesus that something new was happening, He spoke again from heaven in order that no one would miss His point. That is the kind of God we serve, One who is willing to go above and beyond in making Himself clear to us. We should thank our Creator this day for being willing to speak to us, and we should resolve to study the Word diligently that we might receive what He has spoken. View Resource

  • The Moment of Judgment and Salvation Devotional

    John 12:31–32

    When Jesus says He draws “all people” to Himself in John 12:32, He means all people without distinction. That is, He means people from all kinds of backgrounds are drawn to Him, not each and every person. Jesus laid down His life for His people specifically, and this people includes those from every tribe and tongue. Christ’s kingdom embraces people who trust in Him and includes people from every culture. Therefore, so too must our churches. View Resource

  • Walking in the Light while There’s Still Time Devotional

    John 12:33–36a

    Being raised in the church and attending for many years is a great blessing. However, if we are not careful, it can make us complacent. We can think that we can put off trusting Christ until tomorrow. But we do not know what tomorrow will bring. That is why all of us must trust in Christ for salvation today, and we must continue trusting in Him tomorrow as well. View Resource

  • The Glory Isaiah Saw Devotional

    John 12:36b–41

    Leon Morris, who was one of the foremost twentieth-century New Testament scholars, comments on today’s passage: “God’s purposes are not frustrated by the opposition of evil people. They are accomplished.” God used the hard hearts of Jesus’ opponents to fulfill His salvific purposes. Evil men are no real obstacle to His plans, and that should give us great comfort. He can use what others mean for evil for our good. View Resource

  • Glory and Purity Devotional

    John 12:41

    We will not love what is holy if God does not make us holy, and in Christ the Lord not only declares us righteous in our justification but He purifies us in our sanctification. If we trust in Jesus, we will be able to endure His presence on that last day. And as we seek to grow in holiness, we will love holiness more and more, and we will grow in our longing to view the glory of God. View Resource

  • A Call to Commitment Devotional

    John 12:42–43

    Inasmuch as we must personally trust in Christ alone for salvation, faith is a personal matter. However, faith is never a private matter. If we believe in Christ, we must be willing to confess Him before others and to declare our faith publicly by joining a local church. If we are unwilling to do this, then we may not yet have trusted in Christ. View Resource

  • Seeing the Son, Seeing the Father Devotional

    John 12:44–46

    Jesus is not merely “one way” to God or one option among many to whom we can look to figure out what God is like. No, to see Him is to see God, and the only way to see God is to believe in Him. We must be insistent that the only way to see and to know God is to believe in Jesus alone for salvation. View Resource

  • Christ the Judge Devotional

    John 12:47–50

    We will die either in a state of condemnation or in a state of salvation. Jesus is the dividing line between these two states, for only if we trust in Him alone for salvation will we be saved. It is therefore urgent that we believe in Jesus and exhort others to do the same. Who can you share the good news of the gospel with today? View Resource