• Joel and the Locust Invasion Devotional

    Joel 1

    The Lord is not presently speaking in such a way as to tell us the reasons for every disaster; thus, we cannot with certainty identify any natural disaster today as His direct judgment on sin. Yet Scripture says natural disasters anticipate the day of the Lord to come, so they give us an opportunity to reflect on judgment day, reminding us that we must preach the gospel to people who, if they remain impenitent, will suffer far more on that day than they can in any present disaster. View Resource

  • The Army of the Lord Devotional

    Joel 2:1–11

    John Calvin comments on Joel 2:1–11, reminding us that its final end is not to preach judgment for judgment’s sake but to warn people to turn from sin: “The object of the narrative, then, is to make the people sensible, that it was now no time for taking rest; for the Lord, having long tolerated their wickedness, was now resolved to pour upon them in full torrent his whole fury.” Let us be reminded of our need to repent, and may it prompt us to share the gospel more eagerly. View Resource

  • The Call for Repentance Devotional

    Joel 2:12–27

    True repentance is confidently grounded in what God says about Himself in His Word, but it expresses itself in humility toward Him. We come before our Creator with confidence that He is faithful and just to forgive our sins (1 John 1:8–9), but we come humbly, refusing to believe or affirm that He owes us forgiveness. Every act of divine forgiveness is an instance of the Lord keeping His promises to pardon His people, but it is at the same time a forgiveness we never deserve. View Resource

  • Fasting in Worship Devotional

    Joel 2:12

    Although there can be occasions on which corporate fasting is appropriate, fasting is primarily a personal discipline. When we fast, we are driven to more urgent prayer and to remember our creaturely dependence. If you have not fasted before, consider whether you should fast and pray this week. View Resource

  • The Grain Offering Restored Devotional

    Joel 2:12–27

    God’s prophetic word to Israel is a word for us this day: “I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten” (Joel 2:25). Even if we feel like we have fallen too far for the Lord’s mercy to reach us, let us understand that God never ignores true contrition and that He will often bless us with even more than forgiveness if we turn from our sin back to Him. May we never be hesitant to repent when we have been convicted of our transgressions. View Resource

  • A Picture of Repentance Devotional

    Joel 2:12–14

    How do you understand Christian repentance? Do you view it as only something that happens at the beginning of your walk with the Lord or are you seeking His face daily, asking for His forgiveness when you are convicted? There are many ways to make repentance a part of our lives. Aside from including it in personal devotions we can also think of the events of the day before we go to sleep and consider whether we need to repent of something before we shut our eyes. View Resource

  • The Outpouring of God’s Spirit Devotional

    Joel 2:28–29

    We receive the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit by faith when we place our trust in Christ. Thus, no Christian should think that he is without the help of the Holy Spirit or that he needs to do something more to enjoy the Spirit’s fullness. Having received the Spirit, let us walk in the Spirit, listening to Him in His Word and using our gifts to serve others in the body of Christ. Are you exercising the spiritual gifts that the Lord has given to you? View Resource

  • A Better Age Devotional

    Joel 2:28-32

    To call upon the Lord, one commentator has noted, is to trust in Him alone for salvation, evidencing that faith through a commitment to His will and way, not our own. Under the plentiful outpouring of the Spirit, we are enabled to love and serve God, and we are also given the power to do so. None of us should think that we cannot serve the Lord even in difficult areas, for if we know Him, we have His spirit to empower us for service. View Resource

  • God Judges the Nations Devotional

    Joel 3

    Under the fuller revelation of the new covenant, the idea of God as our stronghold is seen more clearly. The Lord protects us from His final wrath by clothing us in the perfect righteousness of Christ, which means He can pass over us in His eternal wrath and provide us the greatest restoration of all in the new heaven and earth. This is the only safety from His eternal judgment that God provides. Our strong tower is the perfect righteousness of Christ. View Resource