• Knowing the Lord Devotional

    Jeremiah 9:23–24

    Many people today want to set holiness, love, and mercy in opposition to one another, especially when they speak of the character of God. Yet, it is only because the Lord is holy that we can be confident that He will be merciful to those who repent and believe. Our holy God has promised this, and He cannot break this promise, for if He were to break His Word, He would violate His own holiness. Those who rightly know God’s holiness also know His mercy. View Resource

  • Merely in the Flesh Devotional

    Jeremiah 9:25–26

    Matthew Henry writes, “The condemnation of unrepentant sinners who are baptized will be as sure as that of unrepentant sinners who are unbaptized.” Regardless of whether we were baptized as adults or children, we shall be judged if we have no faith. Similarly, making a “decision for Jesus” days, weeks, or years ago is of no avail if we do not lovingly serve Him now. Spend time in repentance today and trust in Christ alone to redeem you. View Resource