• Form Versus Formalism Devotional

    Jeremiah 7:1–29

    Church leaders cannot change our hearts, but they can help us avoid formalism by explaining what we do in worship and why. When we do not know the reasons and meaning for the different elements in the liturgy, we will easily disengage from it and think on other things.􏰁As church leaders explain elements of worship and encourage others to do the same, we are encouraged to be more aware of what we are doing and to put our hearts and souls into our praise of the Lord. View Resource

  • Misplaced Confidence Devotional

    Jeremiah 7:1–29

    Today we must likewise be wary of misplaced confidence. We do not rest in God’s salvation because we signed a card of commitment to Christ or have a memory of going forward to receive Christ at an “altar call.” Instead, our present possession of faith is what assures us that we belong to Jesus. The question we must ask ourselves is not whether we once professed faith but whether we trust Him today? Do you trust Christ alone this day? View Resource

  • Ritual vs. Ritualism Devotional

    Jeremiah 7:1–4

    Any group of professing Christians can fall into ritualism. Even those with simpler liturgies can go through the motions without their hearts’ truly being in the worship. It is a danger for all of us, so we should ask God to keep us devoted to Him, and we should seek to engage our entire being in worship every time we gather with God’s people to praise our Creator. View Resource