• The Everlasting Covenant With David Devotional

    Jeremiah 33:14–26

    When God makes a covenant, He always keeps the stipulations He has imposed upon Himself. Our Father promised to set David’s offspring before Him forever, and this is the promise He has kept in Christ Jesus our Lord. When we doubt that our Creator will fulfill His Word, let us remember that He kept His promise to put a righteous son of David on the throne forever. If He could do that, given the corruption of men in David’s line such as Zedekiah, surely there is nothing He cannot do for us. View Resource

  • The Levitical Priests Devotional

    Jeremiah 33:17–18

    Even on those occasions when God does not reveal conditions explicitly, we can be sure that His ultimate blessings work through the means of our faith and repentance. This faith and repentance is not something we create but is rather the gift of the Lord (Eph. 2:8–9), and if He gives us these things, we will surely repent and believe. Each time we repent and resolve to trust God we are revealing our election and can be assured of our salvation. View Resource