• New Hope for God’s People Devotional

    Jeremiah 31:1–30

    Surely, God’s words “I have loved you with an everlasting love” are among the most comforting in all of Scripture. Although they should not lead us to presume upon His grace, they do remind us that the transgressions of His elect do not change His disposition of love to His people. Our sin truly displeases Him, and He will discipline us for it. But if we are truly in Christ, transgressing His law will not cause Him to hate us. Let us be thankful for this constant love and obey Him in gratitude for it. View Resource

  • The Covenant Of Grace Fulfilled Devotional

    Jeremiah 31:31–34

    The process of God’s writing His law on our hearts begins in this life but is not completed until our glorification. Christians grow slowly but surely in their willingness to obey and to repent for even the smallest sins, and at Christ’s return, the covenant of grace will be consummated in a new heaven and earth where righteousness dwells (2 Peter 3:13). Until then we pursue holiness, anticipating that great day to come. View Resource

  • The New Covenant Devotional

    Jeremiah 31:31–40

    John Calvin writes, “God speaks to us now openly, as it were face to face, and not under a veil, as Paul teaches us, when speaking of Moses, who put on a veil when he went forth to address the people in God’s name… . Under the Gospel … the veil is removed, and God in the face of Christ presents himself to be seen by us.” Both covenants teach the same thing—the Lord saves us by grace alone. But the new covenant shows God’s love in a way not seen under the old covenant. View Resource