• Asking Wrongly Devotional

    James 4:1–3

    When we do not ask the Lord to meet our needs, or if we ask Him to do so with the wrong motives, we will miss out on the wisdom and all the other blessings that God freely offers to His children. Why do you lack God’s wisdom today? Is it because you do not believe that He can give it to you? Or is it because you ask in order that you might further your own agenda? Search your heart and ask for God to purify your motives so that you might pray in a manner pleasing to Him. View Resource

  • The Repentant Heart Devotional

    James 4:1–17

    When was the last time you spent a day or part of a day in prayer and fasting, reading the psalms, going deep inside yourself before God and crying out to Him? We all need this from time to time. Otherwise our lives become glib and our hearts become hard. Target those areas of your life, like envy, where you know God desires change. View Resource

  • Spiritual Adultery Devotional

    James 4:4

    David Brainerd, missionary to Native Americans, comments, “Worldly pleasures, such as flow from greatness, riches, honors, and sensual gratifications, are infinitely worse than none” (The Life and Diary of David Brainerd). The pleasures this world has to offer, while not necessarily evil in themselves, can be tempting and insidious, beckoning us to take up with another husband. May we take care lest they seduce us. View Resource

  • Friends of the World Devotional

    James 4:4–5

    If someone were to look at your life and values would he say that you are a friend of God, or would he say that you are a friend of the world? Consider your relationships and ask yourself if the problems you might have stem from the ungodly jealousy and selfish ambition characteristic of the world. If so, there is but one solution: repentance and trust in God’s sanctifying power. As Calvin says, we must “renounce the world, if we wish to serve God.” View Resource

  • He Gives More Grace Devotional

    James 4:6

    If we were to take an honest look at our lives, we all could find times when we have made ourselves friends with the world. We have compromised God’s principles for money, status, or power, choosing not to live according to the wisdom of God. But there is hope for those of us who have sinned. Humble yourself before the Lord today and ask Him for His grace. Find one place where you have compromised and seek to obey God’s wisdom instead of man’s wisdom. View Resource

  • Resist the Devil Devotional

    James 4:7–8

    All Christians can find at least one area in their lives in which they have sought to follow their own understanding instead of the standards of the Lord. God has promised to forgive us for this behavior if we would but draw near to Him. Go before the Lord today in the confidence we have to enter His presence, asking for His forgiveness (Heb. 10:19–22). Find a friend who will hold you accountable for going before God in prayer and who can help you resist the devil. View Resource

  • The Path to Exaltation Devotional

    James 4:9–10

    God promises to exalt us one day and make us to reign with Christ (2 Tim. 2:12; Rev. 20:4). However, this exaltation does not come as the result of the exertion of our own power, but results from humility. Only those who submit to God humbly, admitting that He alone has authority over us, will enjoy this exaltation. We submit to this authority by repenting of our sin, all of which seeks to usurp God’s rightful rule over us. Therefore, humble yourself in repentance today. View Resource

  • One Law Giver Devotional

    James 4:11–12

    There is most certainly a place for evaluating the spiritual health of the members of our churches. However, this is to be done predominantly by the elders of the church in love and according to the standards of the Law. Unfortunately, far too many of us forget this and slander fellow believers with our gossip while denying that we are motivated by bitterness and jealousy. Repent today if you are guilty of gossip and do what you can to preserve your neighbor’s good name. View Resource

  • If the Lord Wills Devotional

    James 4:13–16

    The call to recognize God’s sovereign will over the future is incumbent upon the rich and poor alike. And though the statement “Lord willing” is not a magic phrase conveying absolute trust in God, it is often true that when such wording is absent, so too is confidence in God’s sovereignty. As you plan, remember God’s hidden providence and Calvin’s wise assertion that “the practice of saying ‘If the Lord will or permit,’ … ought to be carefully attended by all the godly.” View Resource

  • Missing the Mark Devotional

    James 4:17

    Human beings have a universal sense of oughtness. We know that we ought to meet certain standards. We know that we ought to be better than we are, and so we are always trying to improve ourselves morally, physically, spiritually, and so forth. This oughtness testifies to the universal knowledge that there is a transcendent standard that we fail to meet. As we share the gospel, we should point to this sense in order to help people understand their guilt before God. View Resource

  • Sins of Omission Devotional

    James 4:17

    When we confess our sins before the Lord, it is easy to remember our flagrant violations of His law. Harder to see, however, are those times when we have known what is right and yet have not done it. Perhaps we ignored a neighbor who was in need. Maybe we did not offer words of encouragement at the right time. Perhaps we neglected to take a stand for the kingdom. In prayer, ask God to forgive your sins of omission and to enable you always to do what you know is right. View Resource