• Judgment for Teachers Devotional

    James 3:1–2

    Today’s passage warns us about taking up the task of teaching too casually. When we accept such a position of influence over others, whether in an official, ministerial capacity or not, God will judge the words we speak more strictly. If you are in a teaching position now, carefully prepare your lessons so that you teach only what the Bible teaches. If you are not currently serving as a teacher, spend much time in prayer and consideration before you volunteer to be one. View Resource

  • Teachers Devotional

    James 3:1

    God holds accountable all of the teachers in His church, whether they lead the two-year-old Sunday school class or teach a graduate-level seminary course. Thus, all Christian teachers must study diligently and work hard to present their subjects clearly and without error. As the church, we can encourage our teachers in this by offering training opportunities and other helps to make sure our teachers are fully and properly equipped to handle God’s Word rightly. View Resource

  • Teachers Devotional

    James 3:1

    Has God called you to be a teacher in His church, whether it be as a professor, Sunday school instructor, or Bible study leader? If you are in the teaching ministry now, study and pray diligently so that you may produce good fruit. If you are a student, pray that your teachers will always guide you according to the truth of God’s Word. View Resource

  • Deadly Poison Devotional

    James 3:1-12

    On Pentecost, God gave His own tongues of fire to set the world aflame as a holy sacrifice to Him. When James criticizes our tongues as evil fires, he implies that we have made ourselves gods. Take a careful look at how you use your tongue today and this week, and evaluate yourself. Is it your own fire or God’s that you are spreading? View Resource

  • The Boasting Tongue Devotional

    James 3:3–5a

    Look back over your life and consider how your tongue has directed it. Try to think of times when your tongue has benefitted you and when it has created trouble for you. Ask yourself in what direction you are steering yourself with your tongue. Begin using your tongue to further your spiritual growth. Thank those who have blessed you, apologize to those about whom you have spoken harshly and unjustly, and offer spoken praise to God today. View Resource

  • The Fiery Tongue Devotional

    James 3:5b–6

    In today’s passage, James reminds us that it only takes a small flame to cause a great fire. Oftentimes the most offensive and hurtful things that we say appear to be insignificant at the time. However, snide and subtle comments can be just as damaging as ones that are more directly spoken. Take some time to ask yourself if you are guilty of making hurtful comments or engaging in gossip. Ask the Lord to make your tongue an instrument of holiness. View Resource

  • The Untameable Tongue Devotional

    James 3:7–8

    Contrary to some theological traditions, the Bible does not teach that it is possible to achieve a sinless perfection this side of heaven. Today’s passage reminds us of the powerful presence of sin, especially as manifested in the tongue. However, this should not lead us to give up in our quest to put our sin to death. In prayer, ask the Lord to lead you into submission to the Holy Spirit to control your tongue. Find another believer who can hold you accountable in these things. View Resource

  • Single-Minded Speech Devotional

    James 3:9–12

    James’ complaint that the tongue is untameable demonstrates that even the “best” Christian will never in this life perfectly control his tongue. Still, if we continually curse others with our words, then we must question the presence of God in our lives. In cursing others, we curse God, and God does not allow such to come from the lips of His people. Ask the Lord in prayer to make you always bless others. Then, go and make amends with those you have cursed. View Resource

  • Wise Conduct Devotional

    James 3:13

    Though we may not often think about it in this way, today’s passage tells us that good works done in a spirit of meekness and humility demonstrate that we are wise. If we become overly proud from our good works, we run the risk of placing our trust in our own abilities rather than in the God who empowers us for service. As you do good works, ask the Lord to remind you not to perform them ostentatiously but in a humble manner seeking rewards only from Him View Resource

  • The Evil of Envy Devotional

    James 3:13-18

    Selfish ambition is very dangerous. God has many good things for us, but often He tells us to be patient. We must be careful not to eye jealously what God freely gives to our neighbors. Going about our daily business with delight for the prosperity and well-being of our neighbor is most difficult. How have you been doing? View Resource

  • Earthly Wisdom Devotional

    James 3:14–16

    Few of us will ever rise to rule a nation or to command a large corporation. However, while selfish ambition can lead to such things, it can also motivate us to seek power in less influential realms. What motivates you to seek office in your church or community? Do you do so in order to serve others or in order to satisfy a craving for power or position? Ask the Lord to search your heart regarding these things and to help you seek positions solely out of a desire to serve Him. View Resource

  • Heavenly Wisdom Devotional

    James 3:17–18

    Even those with great faith sometimes feel like they are not very wise. However, we have seen that if true faith must manifest itself in good works then so too must godly wisdom be present even if this wisdom is immature. Today’s passage lists some things that characterize godly wisdom. Does your life exhibit these traits? Ask God to help you grow in them and then do what you can to bring peace to those around you. View Resource