• OPTIONAL SESSION: Believing God Media Resource by

    James 1:1-5

    In this optional session, R.C. Sproul Jr. challenges Christians to take a second glance at the promises of God in the Bible in order to see anew the grandeur of what God has committed Himself to do for His people. Note: This conference session is made available for historical archival purposes only. View Resource

  • General Epistles Media Resource by

    James 1:1-8

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  • General Epistles Media Resource by

    James 1:1-8

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  • Introduction to James Media Resource by

    James 1-5

    As you may have guessed, James wrote the book of James. But the next question is, which James? The Apostle John’s brother, James? King James? Or is there another James listed in your Bible? What can the author’s identification tell us about the context in which this New Testament epistle was written? Beginning this series on Themes from James, Dr. Sproul gives us insight to the author and purpose of the book of James. View Resource

  • Counting It All Joy Media Resource by

    James 1:2

    In the midst of calamity, what gives you stability? What gives you strength during tribulation? What is the purpose of all these trials and how can the Christian bear up under them all? Examining these questions, Dr. Sproul explains the role joy plays in our suffering, and challenges us to believe the promises God has for His children. View Resource

  • Trials or Trails Media Resource by

    James 1:2-4

    Who of us does not want to be complete? In our lives as Christians we should be striving for holiness and spiritual maturity. The best thing we could do towards that end is to take full advantage of the means of grace, such as the reading of Scripture and partaking in the sacraments. But, you may be surprised to hear about some other things the Lord uses in our sanctification process. What are these things? James tells us in his epistle. In this message, Dr. Sproul teaches us about the essential role trials have in our lives as Christians. View Resource

  • The Rich and the Poor Media Resource by

    James 1:9-11

    It would be easy to blame the rich for all the problems of the poor. Sentiments like that gave great momentum to the spread of Marxism. But does the Bible give reason for that sentiment? In the book of James, we read of the rich oppressing the poor by dragging them to court. What does the Scripture teach about wealth and poverty? Is money the root of all evil? Continuing this series on Themes from James, Dr. Sproul explains what Scripture teaches about “The Rich and the Poor.” View Resource

  • Jesus Christ is Fully Man (Part 2) Media Resource by

    James 1:12-15

    The Pharisees continually charged Jesus with blasphemy, Sabbath-breaking, gluttony and drunkenness, all of which were unfounded. But even after nearly two-thousand years, the false allegations keep coming. Yet the Bible is clear; Jesus was without sin. But, if Jesus was sinless, could His temptations have been real? Thinking about this question, Dr. Sproul addresses some of the common objections to the sinless nature of Jesus’ humanity, as he continues his message, “Jesus Christ is Fully Man.” View Resource

  • The Trial of Temptation Media Resource by

    James 1:12-15

    Does God tempt His people? This question is not new and the Bible is not without an answer. Beginning this series on the book of James, Dr. Sproul starts off by exploring the nature of temptation and sin, as well as what God does and doesn’t do during those trials that come our way. View Resource

  • The Sinfulness of Man Media Resource by

    James 1:14-15

    The biblical view of human sinfulness has never been popular. Both in Martin Luther’s day and in our own, the prevailing tendency is to deny the depth and severity of sin in our hearts. While a more optimistic view of human nature may seem to be good news initially, in the long run it leads to greater spiritual enslavement. Only by recovering a biblical understanding of the power of sin in our lives can we begin to find true freedom in Jesus Christ. View Resource

  • The King Without a Shadow Media Resource by

    James 1:17

    We all have them, but where do our shadows come from? James writes in his epistle that we serve a God who has no shadow of turning in Him. What does that mean to us? Can we ever escape our shadows? In this message, Dr. Sproul explains what happens when men are exposed to the nature of a holy God, as he considers “The King without a Shadow.” View Resource

  • Grace in James, John, and Jude Media Resource by

    James 1:17-18

    The letters of James, 1–3 John, and Jude are part of the Catholic Epistles. They are “catholic” because they are universal, not being addressed to a particular church. In this lesson, Dr. Lawson searches these letters for the doctrines of grace so that we can see the overall unity of the Bible in proclaiming God’s sovereign mercies. View Resource

  • True Spirituality Media Resource by

    James 1:19-25

    What does true spirituality look like? The student of Scripture may suggest that true spirituality consists of Scripture reading mixed with prayer and meditation as described in the Psalms. These things are certainly good and biblical, but are they enough? Practically speaking, Scripture says no. In this message, Dr. Sproul will be looking at James chapter one to see what “True Spirituality” looks like. View Resource

  • Being Doers of the Word Media Resource by

    James 1:21-27

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  • The Holy Scriptures Media Resource by

    James 1:22-27

    The Bible has been called the best-selling book, as well as the least-read book. It is set apart in many homes; unfortunately, it is set apart and left alone. How do we match our high esteem for God’s Word with a diligent study of Scripture? View Resource