• A Blessedness No One has Imagined Devotional

    Isaiah 7

    Scholars have long debated whether the original Hebrew of today’s passage is better translated “virgin” or “young woman.” This is a worthy debate, but if we are not careful, we could miss this key point: just as the son born in Isaiah’s day was a sign of Judah’s destruction for unbelief, Jesus is a sign of our destruction when we do not believe in Him. Christ is God’s sign to us of blessing and cursing—blessing if we trust only in Him for salvation, cursing if we deny Him. View Resource

  • Conceived in the Womb of the Virgin Devotional

    Isaiah 7:14

    J. Gresham Machen argued that the denial of the virgin birth of Jesus is usually a precursor to denying the other supernatural elements of the faith. Though some try to deny the virgin birth and still affirm such supernatural events as the resurrection of Christ, in the vast majority of cases, those who deny the virgin birth deny much more. This is not surprising. Christian truth is a unified whole. We cannot deny one aspect of it and affirm another. View Resource

  • More Than a Creature Devotional

    Isaiah 7:14

    Other religions may have some idea of divine intervention in that God sends a message through a seer or “prophet,” but no other religion has as radical a view of divine intervention as orthodox Christianity. The Christian faith tells us that God Himself entered human history in the person of Christ Jesus and represented His people in order to save us from sin. We should be profoundly grateful for this act and therefore live in obedience to Him. View Resource

  • A Virgin Shall Conceive Devotional

    Isaiah 7:14

    It is important for all of us to grasp and embrace the core doctrines of Christianity. Otherwise, we will be unable to defend the truth delivered to the saints of God (Jude 3). Take some time today to review one of the main summaries of Christian truth such as the Apostles’ Creed or the Nicene Creed. Determine which parts of the creeds you can explain well and study the Bible’s teaching on those parts to which you have not devoted much attention. View Resource