• The Heavenly Choir Devotional

    Isaiah 6:1–3

    Hebrews 12:18–24 tells us that worship is more than just the gathering of saints in an earthly sanctuary. When we praise God alongside His people we actually enter heaven itself, bearing witness with the angels to our Lord’s holiness and beauty. We should, therefore, never consider worship as something dull and dreary, for we enter into the gates of heaven and join the angels in God’s throne room singing praises of His majesty. View Resource

  • The Host of Heaven Devotional

    Isaiah 6:1-3

    There are many privileges that come with serving the Lord, one of which is knowing that He has appointed true angels to watch over us (Ps. 91:11–12). We are not guarded by the chubby little creatures with tiny wings that often appear in popular artwork; rather, we are protected by mighty beings who derive their strength from His hand. Our Lord has not abandoned us, having appointed the heavenly host to fight on our behalf. View Resource

  • Seraphim Viewing the Lord Devotional

    Isaiah 6:1-3

    That even the angels must shield their eyes in the presence of God shows the reverence with which we are to approach our Creator. He is our Most Holy Lord, so we cannot be irreverent in our worship. We come before Him knowing that He is holy by nature, and we can be holy only by grace. We trust Him to sustain us in His presence, remembering who He is and who we are. That is part of what it means to worship God in spirit and truth. View Resource

  • The Holiness of God Devotional

    Isaiah 6:1–4

    Among the many differences between the Bible and other religious texts is its view of the unsurpassable holiness of God. His purity is absolute and essential to His being in Scripture; it is something He will not compromise (Heb. 12:14). Such holiness is frightening to sinners and so this attribute is not often emphasized today. Spend some time meditating on today’s passage and the verses suggested for further study that you may always be aware of the Lord’s holiness. View Resource

  • The Call of Isaiah Devotional

    Isaiah 6:1-7

    Dr. James R. White comments: “If we ask Isaiah, ‘Whose glory did you see in your vision of the temple?’ he would reply, ‘Yahweh’s.’ But if we ask the same question of John, ‘Whose glory did Isaiah see?’ he would give the same answer—only in its fullness, ‘Jesus’” (The Forgotten Trinity, pp. 137–138). The most holy God took on human flesh to give us full pardon and cleansing. Let us never miss the wonder that Christ Jesus is the incarnate Creator of all. View Resource

  • Guilt and Guilt Feelings Devotional

    Isaiah 6:1-7

    Today’s passage is a good illustration of a person whose guilty feelings matched with the reality of his sin. When brought before the Lord of hosts, Isaiah confessed his guilt—he felt it—and it was atoned for—because he really was guilty. When we feel guilt, we should honestly look at what we have done to see if we are guilty. Should we find that we are objectively guilty, we must confess our sin to God through Christ Jesus. If we do so, we will always be forgiven. View Resource

  • The Holiness of God Devotional

    Isaiah 6:1–7

    Dr. R.C. Sproul has often pointed out that the threefold repetition of “holy” in today’s passage indicates the vital importance of God’s holiness. The Lord clearly wants us to understand that He is holy, and we must understand this before we can truly understand our need for the gospel. Take some time today to meditate on Isaiah 6 and consider what it tells us about the holiness of God, our sin, and the glory of God’s grace. View Resource

  • The Holiness of God Devotional

    Isaiah 6:1-7

    Alone among the religions of the world, Christianity teaches that God does not grade on a curve. If we think that He will let us into heaven if our good deeds outweigh our bad, we are sadly mistaken. One sin is enough to banish us from His blessed presence forever. Though most of us likely confess this truth with our lips, getting it into our souls takes a lifetime. May we recall God’s perfect holiness and our desperate plight so that we never trust in our own works to set us right with Him. View Resource

  • The Trauma of Holiness Devotional

    Isaiah 6:5–7

    How do you view your own good deeds? Have you convinced yourself that you are as holy as the Lord has commanded you to be? Maybe you take sin lightly, imagining that God is inherently obligated to forgive unrepentant transgressors? Take some time today to consider how you have lived up to the standards set in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5–7). Spend some time in repentance for sin and confess your absolute dependence on the Spirit to make you holy. View Resource

  • Isaiah Volunteers for Service Devotional

    Isaiah 6:8–13

    Matthew Henry writes, “Even the word of God oftentimes proves a means of hardening sinners.” This is seen most clearly in the ministry of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word of God Himself, whose parables were given to harden the hearts of some and create faith in the hearts of others. Let us not be ashamed of the teaching of Scripture, for as it is accurately proclaimed, it always accomplishes God’s intent for it (Isa. 55:10–11), which is not always an individual’s salvation. View Resource