• The Foolishness of Idolatry Devotional

    Isaiah 44:6–20

    Every form of idolatry manifests our doubts that God really has the ability to save. Counselors have long understood, for instance, that one of the main reasons people become drug, alcohol, and sex addicts is because they are looking for a way to escape their pain, to be saved from their trouble. But such things, as well as the gods of other religions, cannot rescue us. They all disappoint. Only the transcendent Lord of creation, the first cause of all things, can redeem us. View Resource

  • Unprofitable Idols Devotional

    Isaiah 44:9–20

    The Creator has indeed revealed His express image in the Lord Jesus Christ; therefore, may we look to Him in order to understand who God is. Do you want to understand God’s kindness? Look to Jesus. Do you want to know God’s righteous anger? Look to Jesus. Everything that God is we can see in the person of Christ Jesus, and to conceive of Him in any way beyond what He has revealed in His Word is speculative and potentially idolatrous. View Resource