• The Servant of the Lord Devotional

    Isaiah 42:1–9

    The Jewish view of the Servant Songs is not wrong in what it affirms but in what it denies. Because Israel’s failure to be the Lord’s servant is so clear in Isaiah, the Servant Songs must ultimately be about an ideal Israel, an Israel who perfectly obeys the calling of God on the nation. This is Jesus, whom the New Testament reveals as the new Israel of God (Matt. 2:13–15; John 15:1–17). Jesus, the ideal Israel, has atoned for the sins of Israel, namely, all those who trust in Him. View Resource

  • Glory to God Alone Devotional

    Isaiah 42:8

    It is not all that uncommon to hear someone say, “I refuse to worship a God that would send people to hell.” But those who would define God’s love in a way that denies His holy wrath do not worship the Creator. Others say, “To me God is….” But it does not matter how we define God, it only matters how He defines Himself. Let us be careful not to adopt the views of God common in our culture but rather allow Scripture to reveal to us the God who is. View Resource

  • The Primacy of Divine Glory Devotional

    Isaiah 42:8

    Jesus tells us that God bestows a certain kind of glory on us in salvation (John 17:22), but this is not the kind of inherent divine glory that Isaiah is talking about. There is a glory that belongs to God alone, that existed before all things, and that is the reason for all things. We are called to point our friends and family to that glory by what we say and by what we do. View Resource

  • The Savior of God’s Blind Servant Devotional

    Isaiah 42:18–43:7

    Today’s passage reveals divine election, for Isaiah speaks of a people who are precious in God’s eyes (43:4). This is not due to any good in them, given that the people are still blind to their sin (42:18–25). Instead, the Lord, for His own good pleasure, chooses to restore a lost people. This restoration of Israel is happening in Jesus Christ, and we who believe in Him have been chosen by God not because of any goodness in us but because the Lord has graciously willed to love us. View Resource