• The Lord Returns to His People Devotional

    Isaiah 40:1–5

    Verse 5 of today’s passage indicates that in God’s salvation of His people after the exile, His glory is revealed and all flesh sees it. God does not save us simply for our own sake, even though that is certainly His concern as our compassionate Creator (Ex. 2:23–25). The Lord saves us for His own glory, a glory that He wants the whole world to see. We must long for that as well, working and praying for His glory to be evident in all the nations. View Resource

  • The Weakness of Men Devotional

    Isaiah 40:6–11

    One commentator describes the enduring message of today’s passage thusly: If I insist that I am permanent, I will fail. But if I confess God’s permanence—if I trust in His Word and believe it is sure—then He sustains me forever (Isa. 1:27, 30–31). We are a part of the post-exilic people of God, and like the children of Jacob who came back from exile thousands of years ago, we must believe in the Lord alone to be saved. To put such trust elsewhere is to misplace it completely. View Resource

  • Confident in the Truth Devotional

    Isaiah 40:8

    If our confidence in proclaiming God’s Word is grounded in our own abilities, then we will be arrogant and will ultimately not stand for the truth under pressure. Our confidence must be grounded in the Word of God itself, in our conviction that it is enduring and will always accomplish its purposes. Are you confident in God’s Word? Ask the Lord to make you ever confident of His Word’s truth and power. View Resource

  • In the Bosom of the Shepherd Devotional

    Isaiah 40:11

    Israel’s God is the transcendent Lord over all, but He is not a deity who is far off and inaccessible. Instead, He delights to carry us in His arms and finds great joy in caring for our needs. Like a shepherd who tends, gathers, and leads his sheep, He takes care of His people. We should, therefore, not be afraid to bring our concerns before Him in prayer, nor should we ever think that our needs are trivial in His eyes. View Resource

  • Waiting for the Lord to Save Devotional

    Isaiah 40:12–31

    As we will see in the weeks ahead, the delay in God’s redemption that the exiles felt was due in part to their continued sin. The Lord would have to intervene in a powerful way to make His people the holy servants He intended them to be. God finally did this in Christ Jesus, but we still wait to receive the benefits of the redemption He purchased in all their fullness in the new heaven and earth (Rev. 21). But these benefits are surely ours, and we must wait in faith for their full revelation. View Resource