• Refusing to Learn Devotional

    Isaiah 28:1-15

    The prophet mocks the Jews by saying they had to learn like children, precept upon precept and little by little. This was not a compliment. While you are to have the humble heart of a child, you are not always to learn as a child. You should be growing in your understanding of Scripture. Make this your desire as you study daily. View Resource

  • The Glory of Divine Beauty Devotional

    Isaiah 28:5

    God has an inherent beauty of glory that cannot be shared with mere creatures. However, there is a beauty He bestows on His people, the beauty of Christ’s perfect righteousness that will vindicate us as God’s children and citizens of heaven’s glory on the last day. Are you looking forward to that day of the Lord’s vindication of His people? View Resource

  • The Only Foundation Devotional

    Isaiah 28:16–22

    What are you trusting in for salvation? Even if you are a professing believer, are you building your ministry to others on the foundation of Christ? Consider your life carefully—where is your confidence? If things go bad in this world, what do you think will keep you safe? Trust in the Lord, for He alone can make your paths straight. View Resource

  • Acts of Providence Devotional

    Isaiah 28:23-29

    Have you ever become angry with God because you didn’t understand why you had to suffer while someone else you knew never seemed to have any problems? If so, or even if you’ve wondered why there seems to be disproportionate suffering in this world, read through today’s passage and know that God deals with you wisely. View Resource