• The Vision of Isaiah Devotional

    Isaiah 1:1–17

    God often causes His people to prosper materially, so we may enjoy the fruit of our godly labors. However, material abundance can be dangerous because, if we are not careful, we can forget the Source of all blessings and trust in the blessings themselves. That is why it is so important to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness, remembering that the Lord gives and the Lord takes away (Job 1:21b). No matter our level of prosperity, may we not forget that every good gift comes from Him. View Resource

  • Honoring God’s Covenant Devotional

    Isaiah 1:11–17

    We will look more at church discipline in the days ahead. As we close our study today, let us be reminded that coming into the Lord’s presence without repentance is dangerous indeed. It is particularly risky when we claim to be following the Lord and yet are not truly obeying Him as the Lord of all things. Preventing such people from coming into God’s presence at the Lord’s Table is for their good, as it prevents them from angering the Lord even further. View Resource

  • Reasoning with the LORD Devotional

    Isaiah 1:18–31

    Isaiah 1:18 is a great promise indeed, assuring us that no matter how much sin has stained our souls, God can cleanse us completely and make us stand before Him as His holy people. But for this to happen, we must repent. We must agree with the Lord’s evaluation of sin in our lives—that it deserves His wrath—and then we must renounce it, asking for God’s pardon and strength that we might resist temptation. We do this not just once but every day of our lives. View Resource

  • The Remission of Sins Devotional

    Isaiah 1:18

    God is holy and must punish sin, which is an affront to His perfect character. Yet He is also gracious and merciful, and true to His covenant to save His people. Our Creator shows His holiness in judging sin on the cross and His grace in placing Jesus there in our place. If you are burdened by the thought that you cannot be forgiven, know that if you trust in Jesus, then all your sins are forgiven. Receive His pardon by faith and then declare His grace to others. View Resource

  • The Remission of Sins Devotional

    Isaiah 1:18

    How do you view yourself? Do you acknowledge that you are a sinner who is no longer guilty because of Christ? Or are you weighed down by guilt for the sins that you have committed? If you have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ alone for salvation, you need not bear such guilt any longer. If you know Christ but struggle with guilt, ask Him to remind you that He forgives the truly repentant, and find other believers who will help to remind you of this. View Resource

  • Sending Away our Sins Devotional

    Isaiah 1:18

    In Christ, our guilt has been dealt with. When we trust in Jesus alone, we are forgiven of our sins. They are sent out of God’s sight, not in that He pretends they never happened but in that they are covered by the righteousness of Jesus. If you are in Christ, you never need to worry that God will make you pay the eternal penalty of hell for your sins. You have peace with Him, peace that fuels service in His name. View Resource