• Raised by the LORD Devotional

    Hosea 6:1–3

    Some commentators believe there is an allusion to Hosea 6:2 in passages such as Mark 8:31 and Acts 10:40, but it seems unlikely that the prophet had a specific time frame for the resurrection in mind when he wrote. Still, this passage must ultimately look forward to the Messiah’s resurrection given the promise of a restoration in the last days under David’s greatest son. Ultimately, our bodies will be resurrected, and we will experience all of God’s blessings in a new heaven and earth (Rev. 20–21). View Resource

  • Adam and Israel Devotional

    Hosea 6

    God was exceedingly gracious when He did not utterly destroy Israel or Adam when they sinned but preserved them so that His original purpose for them might one day be fulfilled. Today God is gracious to us when He freely forgives us of all our sin and continues to favor us even though we do not obey Him perfectly (1 John 1:8–10). Let us therefore never take advantage of this grace, always treating others in a similar manner by overlooking their minor faults. View Resource

  • Adam and Israel Devotional

    Hosea 6:6–7

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage: “God desires to be worshipped otherwise than sensual men [people who serve the flesh, not the Spirit] dream; they only display their rites, and neglect the spiritual worship of God, which stands in faith and love.” It is easy for us to criticize the false worship of other religions but much harder for us to recognize where our praise has degenerated into mere formalism. Let us regularly examine our worship to make sure it is in spirit and truth. View Resource