• Faithful Like Moses Devotional

    Hebrews 3:1–2

    The New Testament teaches that Jesus is Prophet, Priest, and King. Jesus speaks God’s Word to us, intercedes for us, and leads us where we should go. As you seek to live your life coram deo, confess your need for Christ to hold these offices on your behalf and remember that He will always speak to you, intercede for you, and lead you. View Resource

  • The Son Versus the Servant Devotional

    Hebrews 3:1–6

    Like Moses, we too are servants of God, and we want the Lord to pronounce us as good and faithful servants on the last day. While our service can by no means earn us a place in the kingdom and while it will always be imperfect, God will look at the pattern of His children’s lives and reward them for their deeds. Are you faithful to serve the Master of the house — the Lord Jesus Christ? Trust in God to give you what you need to be faithful to Him. View Resource

  • Greater than Moses Devotional

    Hebrews 3:3–4

    Jesus promised that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church. The history of God’s people clearly demonstrates that God always has His Church on this earth. Ask God to help you remember that the Church will be victorious and do what you can to manifest God’s building of the Church in your community. View Resource

  • The Faithful Son Devotional

    Hebrews 3:5­­–6

    One recurring theme in Scripture is the already and the not-yet. Christ has already laid the foundation of God’s house through His death and resurrection. But He has not yet finished building God’s house because all the elect have not yet come to Him. Pray that you would be a willing tool in the construction of Christ’s house. View Resource

  • Harden Not Your Hearts Devotional

    Hebrews 3:7–10a

    Many Christians think that the Old Testament is irrelevant to their lives. However, the New Testament teaches that the events of the Old Testament are examples for us so that we may avoid evil (1 Cor. 10:6). Hebrews 3:7–19 is a direct example of this. Study the Old Testament as diligently as you study the New so that you may avoid evil. View Resource

  • An Insolent Generation Devotional

    Hebrews 3:10b–11

    God’s warning that we might not enter the promise is a real warning. Only those who keep their faith in Christ will finally be saved. But only Christ can keep us in our faith. He keeps us in faith through the means of grace: evangelism, prayer, preaching, Bible study, giving, fellowship, and the sacraments. Do not neglect these in your life. View Resource

  • Guard Your Hearts Devotional

    Hebrews 3:12

    The Scriptures are the very words of the living God. However, apart from faith in the Messiah and illumination by the Holy Spirit, our hearts only become harder. When you study the Bible, ask the Holy Spirit to help you guard your heart, to increase your faith in Christ Jesus, and to teach you God’s will through His Word. View Resource

  • Exhort One Another Devotional

    Hebrews 3:13

    It is very easy to go to church and yet never receive the encouragement we need from other believers. In order to effectively encourage one another, we must be willing to confess our sins to one another and hear the sins of others. Find a group of believers with whom you can share your struggles and to whom you can give encouragement. View Resource

  • Sharing in Christ Devotional

    Hebrews 3:14–15

    A majority of Americans claim to be born again Christians. The sin in our country makes it hard to take these claims seriously. Perhaps many think they are Christians because they once confessed Christ in the past. Scripture commands us to possess genuine faith in Christ. Pray that God would continue to sustain your faith in Him. View Resource

  • Covenant Breakers Devotional

    Hebrews 3:16–17

    It is a sobering thought that every local church probably has people within it who profess Christ but in reality are far from the kingdom. Though we may not know who those people are, we must remain aware that they exist. Pray that all the people in your church may not only profess faith, but also possess it by God’s grace. View Resource

  • Promised Land Denied Devotional

    Hebrews 3:18–19

    When Jesus says “if you love me you will keep my commandments” (John 14:15), He points out the close connection between belief and obedience. Because Jesus is God, His commandments are found from Genesis 1 all the way to Revelation 22. When you say you love Christ, do you also have love for His commandments? View Resource