• Are Miracles for Today? Media Resource by

    Hebrews 2:1-4

    In the church today, miracles are a subject of debate. Should we expect miracles to occur in the contemporary church, or did miracles cease at the end of the Apostolic age? In this lesson, Dr. Sproul explains in detail some of the issues surrounding the question of whether miracles occur today. View Resource

  • Saved from God’s Justice Media Resource by

    Hebrews 2:1-4

    If you are a Christian, then you have been saved by grace. You have been saved from the power of sin and a life of despair and vice. But quite often when people ponder their salvation they associate it with being saved from some kind of evil. The book of Hebrews paints another picture of salvation, indeed there is a greater salvation, great because of the greatness of that which threatened us. What exactly is it that we are saved from? In this message, R.C. Sproul reminds us of the severe warning in Scripture to not neglect so great a … View Resource

  • The Call to Repentance and Faith Media Resource by

    Hebrews 2:3

    View Resource

  • The Glory of the Power Media Resource by

    Hebrews 2:10-18

    This lecture will remind us that we are at the center of our purpose when we are centered at worship, and that the purpose of worship is to bring glory to God. Any other goal than worship for the Lord’s Day is but a distraction. View Resource