• Coaching and the Suffering Christian Article by Joe Holland

    FROM TABLETALK | November 2014 | Hebrews 12

    I have spent my life being coached or coaching. I’ve played most of the major sports and some of the more unusual ones as well. I’ve learned that coaches face one major perennial challenge. It is the difficulty of motivating your athletes when pain and fatigue are urging them to quit. I’ve found that there are three basic coaching styles that seek to answer this challenge. The first coaching style asserts that true athletes don’t feel pain. It simply doesn’t exist; it is a figment of the imagination. This is the mind-over-matter rationale. Pain isn … View Resource

  • Serving the God of Holy-Love Article by David Wells

    FROM TABLETALK | December 2014 | Hebrews 12

    Serving is not, of course, uniquely Christian. Indeed, the language of service has popped up everywhere in our society. To access the Internet, for example, we must have a network service provider. In business, there is a service sector. We get bills for professional services rendered. In our stores, there is customer service. When the gas gets low in our cars, we head for a service station. In our nation, we have the armed services. Wealthy households pay for domestic service. The rest of us wonder if we can afford lawn service. So, does any of this help us to … View Resource