• The Noahic Covenant Devotional

    Genesis 8:20-9:17

    God’s covenant with Noah provides an arena for His special grace to operate for the sake of our salvation, but this covenant is also the fruit of His common grace for all people. Everyone benefits from the regularity of nature, for it allows human society to flourish. We do not deserve this, and in preaching the gospel to others we should call their attention to the grace God has shown even while calling them not to presume upon His grace, but to repent that they would be saved. View Resource

  • Noahic Covenant Devotional

    Genesis 8:20-9:17

    There is an unfortunate tendency for some Christians to view salvation in purely spiritual terms. But the protection of the animals in the ark shows God’s love for all His creatures, and it foreshadows the renewal that will come to the whole earth. Be a good steward of the physical world now in anticipation of its future renewal. View Resource

  • Into Your Hands Devotional

    Genesis 9:1–4

    Genesis 9:1–7, is one of the most important texts we have on stewardship in Scripture. Our Lord has given the resources of the earth into our hands for our benefit and His glory (vv. 2, 7). Yet we do not own the earth; God does (Ps. 50:10–11), and we must take care of His creation. Thus, believers should be the most concerned to preserve a healthy environment. How we care for creation reveals what we think about its Creator. View Resource

  • A Required Reckoning Devotional

    Genesis 9:5–7

    John Calvin writes in his commentary on today’s passage: “No one can be injurious to his brother without wounding God himself.” As we have seen already, how we treat others reveals what we really think of the Lord (James 3:5b–10). Furthermore, while physical murder is most heinous, we have already violated God’s law if we have cursed another (Matt. 5:21–22). Think of a person of whom you have wished ill. Repent of this attitude and seek to bless that individual. View Resource

  • The Image of God Devotional

    Genesis 9:6

    Sin did not destroy the image of God in man. Today’s passage tells us that even after the fall, mankind is still made imago Dei. All people still reflect, in some way, the dignity of the Lord, no matter how we have marred His image. Thus, our treatment of others reveals what we think of our Creator. If you have been cruel to another, go apologize and remember that if you are cruel to His image, you are sinning against God (James 3:7–10). View Resource

  • A Mandate for Fruitfulness Devotional

    Genesis 9:7

    Given the scourge of abortion in the West today, adopting children is a worthy vocation for all couples whether they are fertile or infertile. Even couples who are unable to adopt can help provide financially for those who want to rescue an “unwanted” child. There are adoption funds and crisis pregnancy centers that can benefit from gifts given in order to save lives, thereby furthering the call to be fruitful and multiply in this world. View Resource

  • Never Again Devotional

    Genesis 9:8–11

    While we cannot always draw a one-to-one correlation between natural disasters and divine judgment, we should not be surprised when evil nations suffer the ravages of nature. Moreover, we must never think God has nothing to do with inclement weather, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, or other such phenomena, for He is Lord of the storm (Ps. 107). Consider donating your resources to an organization that affirms the Lord’s sovereignty while providing disaster relief. View Resource

  • Signs of the Covenant Devotional

    Genesis 9:12–17

    The joining of sign and promise in the rainbow demonstrates how the sacraments must not be divorced from the Word. By themselves, the sacraments offer no aid, but with the Word and faith, they are powerful means of grace. As Dr. R.C. Sproul says in Essential Truths of the Christian Faith, the sacraments “are a vital part of the worship of God and nurture of the Christian life” (p. 224). Whichever of the two sacraments you celebrate this Sunday, trust in the promise it depicts. View Resource

  • The Father of Canaan Devotional

    Genesis 9:18–23

    Noah shows how even the upright can fall into sin, especially after enduring a trial. Matthew Henry writes, “Sometimes those who, with watchfulness and resolution have, by the grace of God, kept their integrity in the midst of temptation, have, through confidence, and carelessness, and neglect of the grace of God, been surprised into sin, when the hour of temptation has been over.” Be wary after enduring one temptation that you do not give in to another (1 Cor. 10:12). View Resource

  • Cursed be Canaan Devotional

    Genesis 9:24–29

    Matthew Henry comments, “God often visits the iniquity of the fathers on the children, when the children inherit the fathers’ wicked disposition and imitate the fathers’ wicked practices, and do nothing to cut off the inheritance of the curse.” If you have children be mindful of the example you give them lest they repeat your transgressions. If you did not grow up in a godly family, know that the Lord can turn things around for you and your descendants if you trust in Him. View Resource