• Capital Punishment Media Resource by

    Genesis 9:1-7

    What is your view on capital punishment? Is it right to take another person’s life if they have been convicted of a capital crime? These questions are not without controversy. Thinking of this topic in this message, Dr. Sproul teaches us about the biblical foundation for “Capital Punishment.” View Resource

  • Noahic Covenant Media Resource by

    Genesis 9:1-17

    The sins of the earth were full, and it was time to start again. Making a covenant with Noah and his family, God chose to graciously save them from the perilous deep. In so doing, God subdued once again the chaotic waters and put His chosen one, Noah, in charge as the steward of creation. View Resource

  • Means of Grace: Baptism Media Resource by

    Genesis 9:12-17

    When Christians think about baptism, what often comes to mind is debate and controversy over how it should be administered and to whom it should be administered. But what is most important for us to understand is why God has given us the sign and seal of baptism. In this lecture, Dr. Ferguson explains the significance of the sacraments, provides a detailed look at the baptism of Jesus, and notes how Jesus’ baptism sheds light on the meaning of our own baptism. View Resource

  • Naked Before God Media Resource by

    Genesis 9:18-25

    The concept of being “naked” is one that is sensitive to us. We see that when we are naked, we are exposed and vulnerable. In this message, Dr. Sproul shows the different uses in Scripture for the term “naked” and discusses the physical and spiritual implications that being “Naked Before God” can have on a life. View Resource