• The Ark Came to Rest Devotional

    Genesis 8:1b–5

    The story of Utnapishtim is not the only one offering us a history that remakes God in our image, downplaying His holiness and our depravity. Radical groups like the Jesus Seminar continue to offer us images of a Jesus who has more in common with modern liberalism than with first-century Judaism. Take some time today to investigate some evangelical resources that defend the historicity of Scripture, and refute modern revisions of biblical persons and events. View Resource

  • God Remembered Noah Devotional

    Genesis 8:1a

    Just when the disciples were despondent over God’s apparent failure to keep His word, our Father raised Jesus to life, declaring Him to be the Son of God with power (Rom. 1:1–4). The Lord does not look at time the same way we do (2 Peter 3:8), and thus it often seems to us that He does not act until the last possible second. But in reality, He always moves at the right time. If you are tempted to give up your hope in God, know that the Lord always keeps His promises. View Resource

  • Another Seven Days Devotional

    Genesis 8:6–12

    If Noah could worship in the less-than-ideal conditions of the ark, certainly we in the West cannot, in most cases, use tiredness as an excuse to skip Sunday services, especially when so many Christians in other countries risk their lives to assemble. Consider adjusting your bedtime on Saturday nights so that you will be quick to rise on Sunday mornings. If you are letting minor issues prevent you from attending or joining a church, cease allowing them to do so. View Resource

  • Out From the Ark Devotional

    Genesis 8:13–17

    Some might argue Noah helped save himself by building the ark. Note however, it was the Lord who graciously gave Him the blueprints for it (Gen. 6:15–16). Moreover, it was not his work that justified him but rather his faith in God to which his obedient construction, possible only because of the Lord’s grace, added nothing (Eph. 2:8). If you are a Christian, it is because God first loved you (1 John 4:19). Praise Him for His work of salvation. View Resource

  • Noah Went Out Devotional

    Genesis 8:18-19

    In our day, there are many people in Christian churches who confess Christ but have not trusted Him or followed His way. Even some who read this devotional today may not be in the heavenly kingdom. If you have never trusted in Jesus, do so today. If you are a Christian, know that many in your congregation probably do not have true faith. Endeavor to remind others of their need to possess faith as you execute the ministry to which the Lord has called you. View Resource

  • The Covenant of Preservation Devotional

    Genesis 8:20–22

    How often do we think about the good gift of a stable and predictable natural order? The consistent rhythm of the seasons, the sun and moon, and even the weather enables us to make plans, grow crops, and do a host of other things. Let us thank God for the natural order He has established, and may we use the stability it offers for the sake of His glory. View Resource

  • The Noahic Covenant Devotional

    Genesis 8:20–9:17

    Our world tempts us to believe that the cycle of seasons and the rising and setting of the sun is due entirely to the orbit of the planet, the tilting of its axis, and its revolution around that same axis. While all these things are true, we must never forget that it is God Himself who works through these means to keep His promise to Noah. Every change of season and every sunrise and sunset is proof positive that the Lord never breaks His promises. View Resource

  • The Pleasing Aroma Devotional

    Genesis 8:20–22

    Noah’s sacrifice prefigures Christ’s in many ways. But while Noah only placates God’s judgment of creation temporarily (“while earth remains,” 8:22) and cannot secure the salvation of the Lord’s people, Jesus forever turns away the wrath of God against His elect (Heb. 9:11–14). Do you gratefully worship the Savior for His salvation, or do you take it for granted, failing to pay Him the homage He is due? Spend time today in worship of our king. View Resource

  • God’s Promise to Noah Devotional

    Genesis 8:20-22

    Romans 13:1–7 tells us that God puts the sword in the hands of the state in order to punish evildoers. Ultimately, this is for the stability of society so that the church can do its work of calling people to faith and repentance. We should pray regularly for our leaders, that they would uphold the standards God has revealed in creation. When the state does its job, the church is better able to minister the gospel to fallen people. View Resource

  • The Noahic Covenant Devotional

    Genesis 8:20-9:17

    God’s covenant with Noah provides an arena for His special grace to operate for the sake of our salvation, but this covenant is also the fruit of His common grace for all people. Everyone benefits from the regularity of nature, for it allows human society to flourish. We do not deserve this, and in preaching the gospel to others we should call their attention to the grace God has shown even while calling them not to presume upon His grace, but to repent that they would be saved. View Resource

  • Noahic Covenant Devotional

    Genesis 8:20-9:17

    There is an unfortunate tendency for some Christians to view salvation in purely spiritual terms. But the protection of the animals in the ark shows God’s love for all His creatures, and it foreshadows the renewal that will come to the whole earth. Be a good steward of the physical world now in anticipation of its future renewal. View Resource

  • Things That Fall Out Necessarily Devotional

    Genesis 8:22

    Secondary causes that operate necessarily are the reason why we can do science, predict the weather, and know when to plant and harvest our food. They are God’s good gifts that make life possible, and He works through them to sustain human life and the universe. Let us be thankful for these causes and praise the Lord for His abundant provision for His people View Resource