• Clean Animals Devotional

    Genesis 7:1–5

    One of the great heritages of the Reformed tradition is the regulative principle, which recognizes that worship must be governed by the Word of God and not whatever we happen to think is best. How do you approach the worship of our covenant Lord? Do you praise Him as He has commanded, or do you think it appropriate to do things in worship not sanctioned in Scripture? Endeavor to make your private and corporate worship conform to His Word. View Resource

  • As God Had Commanded Devotional

    Genesis 7:6–10

    The commendations of Noah’s righteousness are intended to illustrate the benefits of holiness and motivate our obedience. Those who seek to follow all that the Lord commands can rightly expect a blessing, even if the fullness of this blessing will not be realized until the new heavens and the new earth. Are you following Christ with the expectation of a reward? Remember today that while your faithfulness cannot justify you, God does honor those who serve Him. View Resource

  • The Heavens Open Devotional

    Genesis 7:11–16

    John Calvin comments that water “threatens us with death from above and from beneath, except so far as it is restrained by the hand of God.” We may not be so inclined to view them as such today, but the rain and the seas illustrate the Lord’s power to judge and to save. Take some time to meditate on the power of the waves and the dangers of flooding. Ask God to keep you ever mindful of His sovereignty over the waters and His promise to save His people. View Resource

  • The Flood Continued Devotional

    Genesis 7:17–24

    Are you going through some period of difficulty right now? Perhaps someone close to you has recently died. Maybe you are ill or are doubting the Lord’s promises. Perchance a friend or family member is suffering. If you feel you have not trusted God perfectly, be encouraged, for He is looking for the obedience of faith, no matter how small it may be (Matt. 17:20). Look to Jesus and press on. Even if you are troubled, go and encourage another who is also facing trial. View Resource