• Forbidden Marriages Devotional

    Genesis 6:1–2

    We cannot assume all of the Sethites who intermarried had true faith, but if they did, the disastrous results of their marriage to unbelievers confirm the stories and commands that warn us against this elsewhere in Scripture (for example, 1 Kings 11:1–8). If you are dating somebody who is not a believer, it is time to reconsider your relationship. If you are married to a non-believer, you may not initiate a divorce. Instead, pray for their salvation (1 Cor. 7:12–16). View Resource

  • The Nephilim Devotional

    Genesis 6:3–4

    Matthew Henry comments on this passage that “if the Spirit is resisted, quenched, and striven against, though he may strive long, he will not strive always.” The Lord will not allow sin to reign without consequence. Those with true faith will persevere to the end, but the devout never take this for granted. They know that persistent resistance to the Spirit reveals their faith is an empty profession. If you have been resisting God, repent today before it is too late. View Resource

  • Divine Sorrow Devotional

    Genesis 6:5–7

    If the Lord could not be sorrowful or angry at our sin or joyful at our obedience, we could not believe He is unchangeably holy, righteous, and good. Though our character may change, our Father’s does not, and therefore we can consistently expect His pleasure or displeasure depending on our behavior. Let us then heed John Calvin’s words: “unless we wish to provoke God, and to put him to grief, let us learn to abhor and to flee from sin.” View Resource

  • Noah Found Favor Devotional

    Genesis 6:8

    God knows our actions in advance from all eternity as part of His hidden will (Deut. 29:29), and He brings His secret will to pass by first announcing an intention and then moving us to respond. But we are not to worry excessively about the details of the future or other secret things. Instead, when we are warned of sin we must repent knowing that if we do so, the Lord will temper or even suspend His judgment. Repent today and call others to do the same. View Resource

  • A Righteous Man Devotional

    Genesis 6:9–11

    John Calvin comments on this passage, “they are called just and upright, not who are in every respect perfect, and in whom there is no defect; but who cultivate righteousness purely, and from their heart.” Are you cultivating holiness in your life, not only by avoiding sin but in actively working to do good works for your neighbor? Your righteous works will not justify you, but if you lack them totally, you may conclude, along with James, that your faith is dead. View Resource

  • God’s Determination Devotional

    Genesis 6:12–13

    As Christians, we are all concerned to place Christ at the center of our lives. However, putting Jesus at the center of our attention involves more than just intellectual assent to His teaching or a verbal affirmation of trust. As the apostle James makes clear, we are not Christ-centered if we do not follow the examples of those who walked with God, doing good works of obedience (2:14–26). Be truly Christ-centered today and do a good deed for another person. View Resource

  • An Ark of Gopher Wood Devotional

    Genesis 6:14–16

    As we trust on the Messiah who has already come, the Old Testament saints trusted on God’s promise of the One who would come. Noah was saved because of the work of Christ, the goal of the covenant God made with him, but he did not know Jesus in his lifetime as we do now. Noah’s salvation, as Calvin said, “rests exclusively on the covenant of God.” Ours does as well because to rest on God’s covenant today is to believe on Christ. View Resource

  • Come Into the Ark Devotional

    Genesis 6:17–18

    The Westminster Confession of Faith summarizes the biblical teaching on the visible church when it says that outside of the church there is no ordinary possibility of salvation (25.2). Being a visible church member does not guarantee a place in the kingdom of God, but the Lord has ordained the church’s preaching, worship, and fellowship to make and equip disciples. If you are not a member of a local church, join one and strive to help build up other believers. View Resource

  • All God Commanded Devotional

    Genesis 6:19–22

    John Calvin writes, “the obedience of Noah is celebrated on this account, that it was entire, not partial; so that he omitted none of those things which God had commanded.” This faithfulness was not rendered in order to earn a place in the Lord’s kingdom; rather, Noah obeyed out of thankfulness for salvation. Do you demonstrate your gratefulness to God by your obedience? Ask the Lord to enable you to live a life of gratitude in response to your redemption. View Resource