• Two More Sons of Israel Devotional

    Genesis 48:1–7

    John Calvin says that Joseph’s rush to see his father one last time shows he regards it “a greater privilege to be a son of Jacob, than to preside over a hundred kingdoms.” Joseph saw his father’s great faith on his deathbed and knew the blessing of his father’s God must be his or all else would be nothing. If the Lord tarries, we too may die before seeing the fullness of God’s promise. Will we be like Jacob and trust that God’s promise will be fulfilled, even if our death comes first? View Resource

  • God’s Mercy on Jacob Devotional

    Genesis 48:8–11

    Matthew Henry comments: “The eye of faith may be very clear even when the eye of the body is very much clouded.” At the end, Jacob does not dwell on the hardships of his life, he recognizes the great blessing of God in allowing him to see not only his favorite son alive, but also his grandsons as well. If we do not dwell on our blessings, we will fall into covetousness and greed. Thank the Lord for your blessings today and encourage a friend to do the same. View Resource

  • Jacob: Lesson Learned Devotional

    Genesis 48:12–14

    Jacob learned the ways of the Lord who exalts what men might forget (Matt. 19:30) and gives a better blessing to the younger Ephraim while relying on God’s ways honestly, nobly, and carefully. If an outsider were called upon to write the history of your life, would character qualities like honesty and carefulness show themselves time and again? Would you be shown as a person who relied on God and did what He said was right, even when it cost you dearly? View Resource

  • Joseph’s Protest Devotional

    Genesis 48:15–20

    John Calvin comments, saying the Lord purposely changed “the law of nature, to teach us that what he freely confers upon us, is entirely the result of his own will.” We tend to think, at least subconsciously, that God chooses us because we are nicer or cuter or smarter than our neighbor. But let us remember that we were in bondage to sin and that the Lord saved us in His mercy, not because we were or are deserving (Titus 3:3–7). Never forget God’s amazing grace. View Resource

  • A Mountain for Joseph Devotional

    Genesis 48:21–22

    John Calvin comments: “Until our faith rises to lay hold on those things which are removed afar off, we know not what it is to set our seal to the word of God.” The Christian life is future-oriented. We by no means deny the importance of the present, but we recognize that our life now is guided by what will happen in the future. Our secure hope in what God is going to do one day must show itself in our conduct, priorities, relationships, and vocations. View Resource