• The King’s Good Graces Devotional

    Genesis 47:1–6

    In the United States and other Western countries where the church has long held sway, we see increasing attempts to silence the Gospel. Our task to be salt and light even in the political realm remains, but let us take care never to follow without question any single figure, political party, or special interest group. May we never compromise Scripture for the sake of political expediency or cease praying for those set in authority over us. View Resource

  • An Audience with Jacob Devotional

    Genesis 47:7–10

    Jacob’s age and the presence of God with him both count for the reasons why Pharaoh shows deference to him in today’s passage. Scripture exhorts us to hear older people because their many years of walking with the Lord enable them to speak with unique wisdom, power, and authority. The church needs such elders to be involved in its life and ministry. Older Christians must actively seek to mentor and pray for younger Christians. View Resource

  • A Possession in Egypt Devotional

    Genesis 47:11–12

    Are you discouraged this day because you believe your remaining sin makes it impossible for the Lord to use you? Do the apparent victories of your foes encourage you to give up your service to God? Has a work you are doing for the kingdom been slowed because of lack of funds or other problems? If so, rejoice that our Father loves to use human failings to advance His plan. Press on and depend upon Him, for you will bless the world if you abide in Christ. View Resource

  • Joseph Feeds the Earth Devotional

    Genesis 47:13–22

    According to John Calvin and Matthew Henry, the famine and relief described in today’s passage remind us that we live and die at God’s mercy. It is easy to forget that we live, move, and have our being in the Lord (Acts 17:28) and that we must be grateful to Him for every blessing in our lives. When we forget Him, as a later pharaoh reveals, we cannot be surprised if we suffer the consequences. Offer thanks to God for the many specific blessings in your life today. View Resource

  • The Beloved Leader Devotional

    Genesis 47:23–26

    John Chrysostom explains what will come to lay people who are a special blessing to their pastors. “If anyone renders a service to those afflicted for God’s sake and carrying the dignity of priesthood, he will …[enjoy a reward] many times more abundant, since the loving God generously surpasses without fail what we do” (Homilies on Genesis, 65.15–16). Take time today to encourage your pastor and contribute your time and talents to your local church. View Resource

  • Fruitfulness in Egypt Devotional

    Genesis 47:27–28

    Israel, called to be a new Adam, failed to keep covenant and increased transgression (Rom. 3:9–20; 7:7–13). As our perfect representative, Jesus succeeded where Israel failed, and in so doing, He also succeeded where Adam failed. All who trust in Him can now fulfill the task entrusted to man, namely, to be a witness of the risen Lord through true worship. If you are in Christ you are in right standing with God and must proclaim His glories to others. Do so today. View Resource

  • A Father’s Last Request Devotional

    Genesis 47:29–31

    John Calvin offers comments about the patriarchs, saying that “not even death itself could extinguish the power of their faith.” All of us must look beyond the end of our own lives and trust God to keep all of His promises to us and to our children. In these uncertain times we alone have true hope, for our Father will set all things right, and in Christ Jesus He has already begun to do so. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. View Resource