• God Appears to Jacob Devotional

    Genesis 46:1–4

    Matthew Henry wrote: “Whatever low or dark valley we are called into at any time, we may be confident, if God goes down with us into it, that he will surely bring us up again. If he goes with us down to death, he will surely bring us up again to glory.” Jacob likely did not expect the Lord to call him to Egypt, and we too may find God calling us to do hard things for Him. But like Jacob, we can be confident that He is with us even when we must go where we do not want … View Resource

  • The Move From Canaan Devotional

    Genesis 46:5–7

    Recently, one Christian leader rhetorically asked a conference audience: “When will we believe the power of God is where He says it is?” Basically, he was saying that though our efforts are important, our cleverness or respectability in the culture do not grow the Lord’s kingdom. We must learn to depend on the Spirit just as Jacob did and seek to follow the simple directions of God’s Word in our everyday lives. Only then will our impact be profound and lasting. View Resource

  • The Promise Kept Devotional

    Genesis 46:8–25

    Today, we also wait for the promises of God to reach their fullness. And like Jacob we have evidence all around us that the Lord is keeping His word, though the proofs we can see are far greater. Around the world today, children of Abraham from every nation are being raised up to glorify God. Let us pray faithfully for the spread of the Gospel and give sacrificially that the kingdom may grow and Abraham’s sons and daughters be called to trust the Messiah. View Resource

  • Seventy In Egypt Devotional

    Genesis 46:26–27

    John Chrysostom comments on today’s passage and its later, more consummate fulfillment when these seventy sons of Jacob became six hundred thousand in Egypt (Ex. 12:37). “Be amazed and overcome at God’s providence and the fact that his wishes can never fail, no matter how many people try their utmost” (Homilies on Genesis, 65.7). We can be absolutely sure the Lord will bring to completion all He has promised. Nothing can stand in His way. View Resource

  • Father and Son Reunited Devotional

    Genesis 46:28–30

    Think today about a relative or friend whom you have not seen for many years. Is the relationship in disrepair? Take time to contact that person and restore the relationship if possible. If there is unrepentant sin, take time to pray for a new heart, whether for yourself or someone else. Remember that as God sent His Son into the world to restore His relationship with us, so too must we be ministers of reconciliation (Matt. 5:21–26) View Resource

  • Preparing to See the King Devotional

    Genesis 46:31–34

    It is sometimes difficult to discern how to live in the world but not of the world. But surely we are living too much according to the world’s standards if we never encounter any opposition to the Gospel. Do you get any flack for following Jesus? Make sure it is the good news causing offense, not a caustic or obnoxious personality. If you face no harassment for serving Christ, your life may not be measurably different from the world’s. View Resource