• The Revelation Media Resource by

    Genesis 45:1-15

    It has been said that power corrupts. This truism is often played out in the sphere of sinful human beings, but not always. Joseph was a man who had the power of Pharaoh in his hand. Yet the power he exhibited towards his self-proclaimed enemies was far from anything remotely corrupt. In this message, Dr. Sproul brings us back to that moment when Joseph finally revealed himself to his estranged brothers, to show us what genuine biblical reconciliation looks like. View Resource

  • It Is Enough Media Resource by

    Genesis 45:27-28

    Jacob lived a long life in the land of his fathers, but his contentment eluded him until God fulfilled a special promise just for him. Dr. Sproul reflects on this as he discusses Jacob’s response when God fulfilled His promise to His servant, and what we can learn from a providential reunion of father and son, in this message entitled “It is Enough.” View Resource