• The Silver Cup Media Resource by

    Genesis 44

    We all know we are sinners. We all know that we are not perfect. Any Bible believing Christian would admit that. But what are you really capable of in your sinful condition? When the sons of Jacob were accused of stealing the silver cup from Joseph, they protested on the grounds that stealing was morally unthinkable for them. But was it? And what about us? What are we capable of? With these thoughts in mind, Dr. Sproul shows how the providence of God brought Joseph’s brothers to the end of themselves as He prepared them to face their sin. View Resource

  • A Plea for the Guilty Media Resource by

    Genesis 44:18

    Movie theaters show previews before the feature film to give their audience a taste of future motion pictures. The hope is that, after catching a glimpse of the story, they will want to return and see the whole film. In the same way, God filled Old Testament redemptive history with types and shadows of His Messiah, Jesus Christ. One such foreshadowing of Christ’s redemption is visible in the Life of Joseph. Dr. Sproul highlights this redemptive preview as Joseph and his brothers meet again. View Resource