• One Final Test Devotional

    Genesis 44:1–2

    The Lord our God puts us to the test so that we may reveal to others the true commitments of our hearts. Certainly, God knows in advance the outcome of any test that He gives us, but we are not to dwell on this truth. Instead, we should seek His aid that we might show our submission to His will and pass any test He sends our way. Today you will face the choice to trust and follow Christ or sin against Him. Lean on the Holy Spirit and by God’s grace you will pass this test. View Resource

  • The Perfect Set-Up Devotional

    Genesis 44:3–13

    Jacob’s sons speak without thinking when they call for death upon the one who possesses Joseph’s cup. Such behavior is foolish, as seen in God’s command to be “slow to speak” in James 1:19 and other passages. If we do not choose our words carefully and consider the effects they may have, not only will we be rightly ostracized, we will also get ourselves into all sorts of other unintended troubles. Endeavor, with God’s help, to speak with care. View Resource

  • Brotherly Confession Devotional

    Genesis 44:14–17

    Sometimes we can go through periods where nothing seems to go our way. This does not always mean the Lord is pointing out a need to repent an unconfessed sin as He did with Joseph’s brothers. Yet it is wise in uncertain times to search our hearts and see whether we have sin that has not been addressed, since God may bring trials our way in order to bring us to repentance. Is there unconfessed sin in your life this day? View Resource

  • Judah Steps Forward Devotional

    Genesis 44:18–29

    Some of us may have had parents who loved a brother or sister more than they loved us. Some may let this fester into bitterness, leading them to neglect their duty to honor their parents and love their siblings. Even if our families were not like this, all of us have experienced feelings of rejection and exclusion. This too can fester into bitter anger. Confess any resentment you may hold against God or others and know that the Lord loves you. View Resource

  • Judah Gives Himself Up Devotional

    Genesis 44:30–34

    “Whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it” (Matt. 16:25). Even if we are not martyred for the faith, we are to give our lives over to Jesus. This may mean having your children frown upon you when you demand they keep from doing what everybody else is doing. Or it may be that you must speak forthrightly regarding a friend’s behavior even if you might lose the friendship. Will you lay down your life for Christ this day? View Resource