• Judah’s Selfless Pledge Devotional

    Genesis 43:1–10

    Judah’s actions show him to be far different from the man who rejected Tamar and sold Joseph into slavery (Gen. 37–38). Now he is a servant of the living God. Matthew Henry says Judah, to show his repentance, “would make some amends for the irreparable injury he had done him [Jacob] by doubling his care concerning Benjamin.” Those sorry for their sin try to make amends for the harm they have done. Is there somebody to whom you need to make amends? View Resource

  • Jacob Trusts His Sons Devotional

    Genesis 43:11–15

    Trusting those who have lied or have otherwise wronged us is incredibly difficult. It often seems even harder to trust Christians who have sinned against us, because we realize they should have known better. But when there is evidence of faith and repentance in a person’s life, especially when seen over time, we must again trust those who have wronged us. If someone has sinned against you, trust them if there is evidence of repentance. View Resource

  • Lunch in Egypt Devotional

    Genesis 43:16–34

    One commentator has said that Jacob’s sons demonstrate qualities demanded of God’s people in Genesis 43. Two of these commendable traits are responsibility and gratitude. They are responsible in their vow to protect Benjamin (vv. 8–10). Israel’s sons also rejoice when Benjamin gets more than they do, for they are grateful for what God has given them (v. 34). Are you grateful for and responsible with the gifts the Lord has provided for you? View Resource