• Lord Over His Brothers Devotional

    Genesis 42:1–6

    Once again, events converge to bring about the Lord’s plan for His people. A famine “happens” to occur in Canaan and Egypt. Joseph’s brothers “happen” to come before him instead of some other nameless official. Indeed, God is sovereign over all history. Even when things seem out of control and those who hate the church are in power, nothing happens that God cannot use for good. We should therefore be comforted in these troubled times. View Resource

  • Joseph’s Accusations Devotional

    Genesis 42:7–17

    Confronting someone in sin is always difficult. Perhaps you are a parent who must discipline a child. Maybe you are an elder tasked with confronting a church member engaged in unrepentant sin. Whatever the case, it is hard to speak the truth in love when hard truths must be told. But God often uses our confronting of others to lead them to repentance. Do not be afraid to confront sinners, but always do it with compassion and the hope it will produce repentance. View Resource

  • Consciences Stirred Devotional

    Genesis 42:18–28

    Scripture is clear that church discipline is not to be carried out with the aim of vengeance. Instead, restoration must be the aim, and a disciplined person is to be forgiven when he repents (2 Cor. 2:5–11). All Christians are to be involved in church discipline, whether privately, or in worst-case scenarios, publicly before the elders (Matt. 18:15–20). If you must rebuke a brother in Christ, make it clear that you seek his repentance and restoration. View Resource

  • Father and Sons Devotional

    Genesis 42:29–38

    Gentleness is one fruit of the Spirit’s work in us (Gal. 5:22–23). Joseph’s brothers are not perfect, but the way in which they approach their father suggests a new concern for Jacob’s feelings and their transformation by the Spirit. Gentle people are not wimps. They do correct others with hard truths if need be (2 Tim. 2:24–26), but they do not relish seeing others torn down. Instead, they yearn to see brokenness produce repentance. Are you growing in gentleness? View Resource