• The Timing of God’s Providence Media Resource by

    Genesis 41:8-13

    When Joseph found himself in an Egyptian prison, he had made some friends by helping to interpret their dreams. As a sign of gratitude, they promised to put in a good word for him upon their release. From outward appearances, Joseph’s hope seemed lost. But God had a plan that worked itself out in His own time. In this message, Dr. Sproul discusses the timing of God’s providence as it is often not what we expect. But as His Word and our experiences show, His timing is perfect. View Resource

  • From Prison to Prominence Media Resource by

    Genesis 41:14-57

    Who would have thought that a Hebrew shepherd boy would grow up to be the prime minister of Egypt? Joseph found himself in places and predicaments that can only be attributed to God’s providence. What was it that brought Joseph to such a high office? What was his purpose? What can the governments and families of today learn from his leadership? In this message entitled “From Prison to Prominence,” Dr. Sproul talks about the source of Joseph’s wisdom, and how everyone should apply that wisdom today. View Resource

  • Feast and Famine Media Resource by

    Genesis 41:45-57

    During the first seven years of his rule as prime minister, Joseph forgot the painful memories of his early years. What caused this release from affliction? Did Joseph put away all thoughts of his former life and family? Dr. Sproul considers this and explains how the invisible hand of providence comforted His servant Joseph, in this message entitled “Feast and Famine.” View Resource