• Knowing Your Spouse Media Resource by

    Genesis 4:1

    How well do you really know your spouse? Did he or she suddenly change after you got married? Does it feel like you are married to a stranger? Do you think you know your spouse perfectly? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this message is for you and yours. Dr. Sproul helps us understand the importance of the ongoing pursuit of “Knowing Your Spouse.” View Resource

  • An Honorable Offering Media Resource by

    Genesis 4:1-11

    What is the fundamental difference between worship that is acceptable to God and that which God hates? In this first message of the series “Worship,” Dr. Sproul teaches us about the different aspects of worship and the various elements which are pleasing and acceptable to God by looking at what true biblical worship entails. View Resource

  • East of Eden Media Resource by

    Genesis 4

    To understand the Bible’s teaching on salvation, we need to grasp why we are in need of redemption. Every individual is by nature sinful and is thus deserving of God’s judgment and unable to make amends with Him. Because of the fall of Adam, life is now lived “east of Eden” (Gen. 3:24; 4:16), away from the bliss of fellowship with God in paradise. This session will consider why we need a Savior who can atone for our sin in order to restore our relationship with God. View Resource

  • Why the God Man? Media Resource by

    Genesis 4

    This session explains why a mere human being could not accomplish atonement, nor could a disembodied divine Spirit. It shows that it was necessary for the second person of the Godhead to take on flesh in order to make a sufficient sacrifice for man’s sin. By explaining the incarnation, this session also explains the one person and two natures of Christ. View Resource

  • The City that Cain Built Media Resource by

    Genesis 4:9-24

    Where is your city of birth? Is it Boston? New York? Perhaps it was a small out-of-the-way town or village. Is there anyone out there from Enoch—The City of Man? Each place in the world, no matter how small or large, has its own characteristics and customs that contribute to the advancement of that place. Sociologists define this as culture. And to a large degree, that affects who we are, even when we leave that place. View Resource