• Potiphar’s Favor Devotional

    Genesis 39:1–6a

    Matthew Henry comments: “Good men are the blessings of the places where they live.” Joseph, a good man, brought much blessing to Potiphar not only because the Lord was with him, but also because he was faithful and trustworthy. By the power of the Spirit, our Father is making us “good people,” and one way we can judge our progression in sanctification is to see if we are bringing blessings to others. Are you making your corner of the world a better place? View Resource

  • Seduction Resisted Devotional

    Genesis 39

    Sin can destroy relationships, lead to illness, and make our lives this side of eternity miserable. For many, a deterrent to sin is fear — fear that God will zap them when they sin. Instead of law, however, the gospel provides a much better motivation. Out of Iove for God and neighbor, the Christian runs to God in prayer, contemplating the great sacrificial love of Christ, and, empowered by His Spirit, seeks to refrain from sin in order to please Him. View Resource

  • Resisting Temptation Devotional

    Genesis 39:6b-10

    Today’s passage is a good model for dealing with temptation. Matthew Henry says Joseph “would not wrong his master. He would not offend his God. This is the chief argument with which he strengthens his aversion to the sin.” When tempted to sin, we should first remind ourselves that evil offends the Lord. Yet we should also consider how the act might hurt another person in order to motivate ourselves to refrain from sin and the harm it does to other people. View Resource

  • Fleeing Temptation Devotional

    Genesis 39:11–18

    Matthew Henry comments: “It is better to lose a good coat than a good conscience.” In other words, Joseph would rather lose his possessions or even his reputation on account of Potiphar’s evil wife than transgress the Lord’s commandments. There are times when we may have to choose between what others might think of us and doing the right thing. Even if others lie about us now, our righteousness will be rewarded in the age to come (Matt. 5:11–12). View Resource

  • Imprisoned Again Devotional

    Genesis 39:19–20

    One commentator has noted how Joseph’s life proves that “the righteous falls seven times and rises again” (Prov. 24:16). As God’s holy people, we are not free from suffering and failure, but we alone have the hope the Lord will raise us up again to great blessings, both now and in the age to come. How are you suffering today? Do you face illness, failed plans, or hostility? Trust again in God’s goodness, for He will most certainly raise you up in His time. View Resource

  • Chesed for Joseph Devotional

    Genesis 39:21–23

    When God purposes to set His chesed — His covenant love — upon us, there is nothing that can take it away (Rom. 8:38–39). How has the Lord manifested His chesed in your life? What problems and dangers have you been rescued from on account of His love? Do you call upon our Father to be faithful to you and do you repent when you do not show Him chesed in return? Be on the lookout today for at least one manifestation of God’s faithfulness to you. View Resource