• Jacob’s True Calling Devotional

    Genesis 35:1

    Matthew Henry also comments: “As many as God loves he will remind of neglected duties, one way or another, by conscience or by providences.” The Holy Spirit will not let us forget the vows we have made to serve Him. Have you left any promises unkept before the Lord? Maybe you have pledged a certain amount of money to your church? Perhaps you have children and have promised to raise them in the fear of God? Do not fail to keep your godly vows. View Resource

  • A Purified Household Devotional

    Genesis 35:2–4

    Whom do you love above all else? Is it a child or a spouse? Maybe it is not a person but a job or a hobby? We must never think ourselves immune to the temptation to love something else more than our Savior. If we are not willing to sacrifice all else, we cannot be Jesus’ disciple (Luke 14:33). He must be our greatest love, hope, and desire. Can others see that you love Him above all else? All of us should be known by our love for and service to Christ. View Resource

  • Divine Terror Devotional

    Genesis 35:5–8

    When we consider the Lord’s blessing, there are two errors we can make. Either we can expect too much in this age (perfect health, wealth, and so on) or we can think God does not reward His people at all before death. We must be careful not to fall into either extreme. If you are suffering for Christ today, know that you will be rewarded in the age to come, if not beforehand. If you are in need, know that Jesus blesses your obedience. View Resource

  • The Promise Confirmed Devotional

    Genesis 35:9–12

    Secular psychology has rightly caused many believers to be wary of the emphasis on “self-esteem” found in many areas of life today. However, while secular attempts to improve one’s self-image are questionable at best, there is in Scripture a high dignity given to mankind, especially those who trust in Christ. In Jesus, we can fulfill our original mandate to rule wisely over the earth in righteousness. What can give us greater feeling of self-worth than that? View Resource

  • Jacob’s Vow Fulfilled Devotional

    Genesis 35:13–15

    Jacob’s life was repetitive. He worshiped again and again at Bethel. He faithfully did the same tasks every day for twenty years in service to his crooked father-in-law (Gen. 31:36–41). Yet, the word God gives to Jacob near the end of his life is even greater than the one he received before he learned to lean on the Lord in even the mundane tasks. No believer is ignored by Him. God sees and rewards our daily service to spouses, children, friends, and neighbors. View Resource

  • Rachel’s Last Son Devotional

    Genesis 35:16–21

    God in His providence brings the greatest good out of the darkest time. Benjamin provided tangible evidence to Jacob of the Lord’s unwavering commitment to make him a great nation (Gen. 35:11). We should be looking for and trusting in the Lord’s mercy the strongest when times are their darkest and hope seems most distant. Do you seek out and help others look for our Father’s grace even in tragedy? View Resource

  • One Sin, Twelve Sons Devotional

    Genesis 35:22–26

    Reuben’s jealousy of Rachel and her sons motivated him to commit the heinous act of incest so that he and his mother might be the beloved ones of Jacob. Such envy provokes evil in a multitude of ways. Adam and Eve brought ruin to the earth when they were jealous of God’s autonomy and wanted it for themselves. Envy of church leaders or job supervisors provokes outright rebellion or gossip that tears down authority. Are you guilty of this sin? View Resource

  • Isaac’s Final Breath Devotional

    Genesis 35:27–29

    Genesis 35 shows us how each generation of God’s people must trust Him to do what He says even if the full realization of His promises remains in the future. Jacob affirmed his trust in the Lord when he buried Isaac in the only piece of Canaan the family owned and when he moved to revitalize the faith of his family, calling them to put away their foreign gods. Each generation must likewise reform the church according to Scripture and trust our Father anew. View Resource