• A New Man Devotional

    Genesis 33:1–3

    As we will see, Esau too has been blessed (33:9), and Jacob remains God’s chosen man. Jacob further shows his reliance on the Father and fidelity to His ways by acknowledging his sinful theft of the paternal blessing and making amends with the offended party (vv. 10–11). Are you confident enough in the Lord’s goodness that you are willing to surrender all that you have, even the good things, if God would call you to do so? View Resource

  • Reconciled Brothers Devotional

    Genesis 33:4–11

    Jesus said that all people would know His disciples by their love for one another (John 13:35). The most tangible expression of this love is our forgiveness of others. If pagans like Esau can forgive, our readiness to pardon others and be restored to fellowship should be all the more evident. Unfortunately, we Christians are often guilty of not forgiving other believers for even the most minor of offenses. Forgive today just as the Lord has forgiven you. View Resource

  • A Parting Of Ways Devotional

    Genesis 33:12–17

    Our struggle to be sanctified can leave us discouraged at times, but we should not lose heart, for the Lord will indeed make us holy (Rev. 19:6–8). As long as we are, by faith, making use of the means of grace, we will progress in righteousness. In addition to hearing the preached Word and receiving the sacraments, other means of grace such as prayer, Christian fellowship, service, and private worship will help us become conformed to the image of Christ. View Resource

  • Jacob Settles in Shechem Devotional

    Genesis 33:18–20

    Jacob has many faults, but he is committed to serving the Lord. He does set up a place of worship as soon as he enters Canaan, thereby showing his commitment to make God the center of his home. It is also wise today to erect an “altar” of worship and prayer in our homes. If you have a family, be sure to set aside time for devotions with your spouse and children. Whether married or not, make time for private study and praise. View Resource