• Sons for Rachel Devotional

    Genesis 30:1–13

    John Calvin writes, “Moses, by exhibiting this evil in Rachel, would teach us that it is inherent in all: in order that each of us, tearing it up by the roots, may vigilantly purify himself from it.” Thankfully, the Lord can use sin to advance His purposes, but the elect never take this for granted. Consider how God has used an improper motivation on your part to advance His kingdom and thank Him for His grace. Then, repent over your sin if you have not yet done so. View Resource

  • Reuben’s Mandrakes Devotional

    Genesis 30:14–18

    Many passages of Scripture warn the people of God against sorcery, astrology, and other similar practices (Ex. 22:18; Rev. 22:15). Most of us probably do not engage in such things, but superstitions remain part of the lives of many Christians. For example, some believers think praying the same prayer every day will guarantee a certain result. Take care to cast all superstitions from your life and trust in the Lord’s sovereign will that is working for your good. View Resource

  • God Remembers Rachel Devotional

    Genesis 30:19–24

    The sovereignty of the Lord in pouring out His blessings has been clear in our study of Genesis 30. No matter what Rachel tried with her maidservants or mandrakes, Leah was still given more children than she was. We must accept the truth that God dispenses His benefits in the way He sees fit, and thus we must not grow jealous of others as Rachel did. We are to seek the Lord in prayer as we rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep (Rom. 12:15). View Resource

  • Laban Cheats Jacob Devotional

    Genesis 30:25–36

    Though it often expressed itself in deceit, Jacob’s tenacious nature was an asset to him. The way Laban cheated him with Rachel and Leah was merely a temporary setback; he had the fortitude to press on for what he wanted. Moreover, he would rather work for Laban than go away unable to feed his family. Such perseverance is one mark of discipleship. If you are tempted to compromise your faith, remember we must never give up when looking for God’s promises. View Resource

  • Jacob Outwits Laban Devotional

    Genesis 30:37–43

    It is a great comfort to know that when the Lord purposes to bless us, there is nothing that can stop Him. We who confess Him never take this for granted, but live holy lives in gratitude for choosing us in His marvelous and undeserved grace. Know that Jesus is reigning even now and can bless you in spite of all your opposition or mistakes (1 Cor. 15:25). Let us thank Him for this marvelous favor and share the hope of this blessing with those who do not know Him. View Resource