• Jacob and Rachel Devotional

    Genesis 29:1–12

    Often we are unaware of how the Lord is working in our lives to produce good for His kingdom. In his commentary on today’s passage, John Calvin gives helpful counsel: “Whenever we may wander in uncertainty through intricate windings, we must contemplate with eyes of faith, the secret providence of God which governs us and our affairs and leads us to unexpected results.” Our Father is ordering our lives to glorify Him even if we cannot always see it. View Resource

  • Jacob Falls in Love Devotional

    Genesis 29:13–20

    Husbands, when was the last time you did something relatively “small” out of love for your wife? If you are called to love your wife in such a way that you are willing to die for her (Eph. 5:25) can you not help with the housework, talk about meaningful things with her, or do anything she will see as loving? Wives, if your husband shows less devotion to you now than before you were married, consider if you are still behaving in a way that would inspire such attention. View Resource

  • Jacob’s Comeuppance Devotional

    Genesis 29:21–30

    As we have seen many times over, it is an undeniable truth that our Father will discipline His beloved children for their sins (Rev. 3:19). Job’s life shows us that not every misfortune comes as a result of the Lord’s chastisement, but we are right to look at our hardships and consider if God is using them to get us back in line just as He did with Jacob. Know that the Lord’s discipline is a sign of His love for you and take it as an opportunity to grow in your faith. View Resource

  • Favor Upon Leah Devotional

    Genesis 29:31–35

    Not only would Leah have the honor of mothering the priestly (Levi) and royal (Judah) tribes of Israel, she is also ultimately the mother of the Savior who Himself embodies both of these roles (Heb. 7:11–22). If this supreme honor was given to Leah, how can we doubt that God will exalt us in His own timing? If you are in Christ and feel unloved and unwanted, know that God loves you and will raise you up in His good time. View Resource